When he is in his twenties, he is very old.

When he is in his twenties, he is very old.

Growing up is the fester that people have to go through.

when was the last time you laughed heartily?

is not the habitual "ha" after a colleague tells a bad story; it's not a standard smile with eight teeth when you meet a client for the first time; it's not a mouth raised to keep your parents from frowning when you get home.

I tried very hard to search in the memory, but I couldn't locate its existence.

if you are unhappy, you dare not say it, and people will call you hypocritical.

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the most you can do is to pat you on the shoulder and tell you that that's what people are like when they grow up.

say: it used to be so good.

on weekends in high school, I used to say "go to the library for self-study today" with my family, and then meet my friends in the Internet cafe with my schoolbag on my back.

the Internet fee of 30 yuan is enough to contract me for a whole day's happiness and a whole week's expectation.

did I realize that the stage is a place where people can feel happy.

I commute between the dormitory and the band room every day. When the schedule is full, I even rent a rehearsal room out of my own pocket.

I said it was a charity show and there was no money.

We diss this senior crazily in the band that night, vowing never to become that kind of person.

at first, they had no money, and they all wrote and played on their own. When an article was posted, you could be happy for several days with the reader's sentence "poking me".

at that time, a few hotheads with Ze Peng Zhiyuan, entangled with thorns every day, could change it to 01:30 in the Internet bar for a tweet.

everything that makes people happy seems stupid.

you shouldn't play games;

you can't survive without commercializing words.

two years ago, someone asked Thorn: "what's the use of writing such a long and elaborate article? will anyone read it?" This is the age of fast food. "

the answer is always: "all I know is that if I don't write this, I'm useless."

this is his belief and pride.

one time after a meal, the other party clicked his teeth and said, "I have a partner. I only need half an hour a day to make a lot of money. There is no need to work as hard as you do."

thought he wasn't angry, so he gritted his teeth as soon as he got on the bus back.

later, everyone praised him that he had really grown up a lot and could not explode even if he was stepped on a minefield.

there have been a lot of similar things over the past year.

since I opened a personal account and operated on my own, I have to face a lot of things on my own.

people praise her for becoming mature, but they don't know how many times she smiles less.

those that are of no obvious use really don't "waste time".

We are getting more and more aware of what readers like to see, figure out how to add 100,000, and indulge in it.

everyone has grown up, become smarter and smarter, and no longer do those "stupid things".

many people have the same feeling, so the sentence "is it necessary to grow up" in "midsummer Lightyear" on May Day every year is sung over and over again.

that's why I keep throwing the pot at the word "grow up". It seems that as long as my feet cross a certain line, the rest of my life will only become more and more unhappy.

I think of a friend in my hometown. In the year we graduated from high school, because of the transformation of the old city, my family got a sum of money because of the demolition.

every time I go back during the holiday, he asks me out.

after all, you don't have to work. Just relying on the rental shops at home, you can charge 20,000 to 30,000 a month.

I can feel that, in fact, he is happy, in addition to boredom, almost no troubles of his peers.

if there is only one pain, it is probably "you have to listen to your family for everything you do".

that's what he told me before he left.

but I think he should have known that being unable to be independent is the price of such happiness.

it's just because someone took the risk for himself.

when you have a family, you don't care that time is precious.

is the dilemma in which you can barely gain a foothold if you want to survive independently in this world, but find that you are not that strong at all and can only touch, roll and fight, even in the way you hate the most.

in order to be independent, sometimes you have to give up doing something stupid.

when the puppet breaks free from the string, it is doomed to endure strangulation.

Don't forget why you chose it in the first place.

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