"if the picture is too ugly, it will break up."

"if the picture is too ugly, it will break up."

Waiting for you.

of course, since I didn't know anything when I first went to college, my teacher asked me to shoot the sports meeting but I was confused. Later, he established a reputation through self-study, and when he was about to graduate, he successfully held his own personal photo exhibition at the school, totaling about 2000 people, and was interviewed by a television station. It is said that he is the first student in our school to do so, and he is also from a law major.

but when I completely separated from the word "law", I found that 2000 people were no more than that.

but the key to the word "sister emperor" is that "sister" is not my skill.

so I began to look for photography-related jobs in my junior year. My annual experience and salary are also spiraling up. The first job earns 700 yuan a month, the second job pays 1400 yuan, and the third job pays about 3000 yuan. By May last year, I came out to work alone. can not only start traveling with the convenience of travel, but also finally earn 15000 a month. and I no longer have to stay in the office. He is also a qualified independent freelance photographer.

only when photography satisfies my life can I extract happiness from it. this is the conclusion I have drawn from my three years of work.

when friends around you see the title of the course: "learn and use, teach you to quickly take pictures of the people you like", they all stare wide-eyed: Please ask my family who can't take pictures to sign up for study!

so when I asked my friend for a comparative picture of being photographed every day, the following classmate gave me the material of her on my friend's phone and her in my boyfriend's phone, and gave me a lot of dog food.

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-boyfriend split line that can take pictures-

the point is that these techniques have nothing to do with equipment, and you can become useful with your mobile phone.

7 classes, with an average duration of 12 minutes, that is to say, watching an episode of Apostle 2 is equivalent to listening to the first four audio lessons and playing Masters, equivalent to watching two video lessons. Of course, playing computer and watching TV always makes you feel happy, while learning knowledge makes people feel uncomfortable. But Happy things make people learn well, while painful things tend to make people grow faster.

when they told their friends that the price for the whole period totaled 19.8 yuan, they opened their eyes wide again: what kind of money do you buy if it's so cheap? In fact, I have held two private classes before this, each taking 10-20 students, but the price of thousands of yuan still has a threshold for many people. What I hope is to provide better knowledge services and try our best to benefit more people, so that we can feel the emotion and sense of achievement brought about by photography.

people's desire for life is endless. I hope to persist in seeing you here. I have been aroused to be interested in photography and try it with us. Quick start and effectively advance.

I have a date, but I am often complained that I can't bear to look straight in the eye;

I don't have a date, but I want to be good at other social situations.

in short, I want to quickly acquire portrait photography skills, take pictures to highlight the whiteness and beauty of skin, long legs, and whitewash acne, flesh and black circles under the eyes , this course can satisfy you all at once.

Cai Fanshuo, an independent portrait photographer, may be the fastest photographer to teach you how to complete a portrait.

the course consists of 7 sections, with an average of 12 minutes per session in the first 6 sessions, with a total study time of 1.5 hours.

# 4 audio lessons + 2 video courses + 1 practical presentation

# series of handouts

the first 6 courses that you need to study and practice are now online, and the last practical demonstration will be updated in November. In practice, we will communicate together.

what other benefits can you get besides the above?