Even at the age of 40, I still want to like you.

Even at the age of 40, I still want to like you.

You might as well try a different way of living.

A Yixin's idol is a few years younger than her, and she brushed me several pages of his street photos and activity photos as usual. I rolled my eyes and skimmed through the refined photos.

I said, "it's only a few years old, it doesn't matter."

I suddenly realized that age still seems to be a dead point for a large number of girls. Even though the topic has been discussed for several years, people continue to list the troubles and restrictions caused by "age" to girls while trying to overturn it.

@ Ah Yao male sophomore

when I knew they were together, I couldn't wait to bring out this love story to encourage the single female students around me not to be discouraged. Unfortunately, some of them let out a sneer from their noses and told me, "strong>" really? Young people are not sensible and will break up. "

until I "participated" in their entire Valentine's Day in moments.

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I asked him, "did your girlfriend force you to do this?"

before I asked again, he added: "I know, if you feel annoyed, block it, my OK." You will think I am very strange again, with the elder sisters of several years. but you guys are really weird. "

he continued to say coldly," when I went to work part-time in the company, she was already an intern. Many activities were her creativity, positive and effective, and she was not tall, with short hair and a baby face. Take off the elder sister's label. Is she the same as other girls? Why are you so shallow and only stare at other people with a label? "


the result is like Ah Yi, just because of this tag, even liking should be restricted, and even liking should not be said.

when I asked her why she wanted to be anonymous, she said: "I don't want to be like this. I feel humiliated."

at that time, she suddenly quit the team. I guess it was because of a quarrel with her mentor in the WeChat group. But at that time, I went to ask her, and her explanation to me was: "No, I am a junior and a teacher." I'm busy studying and looking for internships, so I don't have time to train. "

I thought she really weighed it seriously and thought it would be more right to give up her hobby, but now she looks a little depressed sitting across from me.

I: "Yes, didn't you like it, too?" The person who recorded the video with her seems to be a colleague from the company. "

I asked, "what about you?" Is there any more dancing? "

when she parted that day, she said, "wearing dancing shoes to practice dancing is as tiring as wearing high heels to work." But the former makes me super happy, and the latter makes me super irritable. Once upon a time, a senior said that she was optimistic about me, and let her down. "

can be restricted that sometimes there is another name, an excuse.

Sister Juanjie is a neighbor with two children in high school and a full-time housewife.

at this time, she was sitting in the small yard, talking to me while busy with the small handicrafts she had brought back from the factory.

she smiled: "one is only two cents, no matter how fast there is not much money."

she: "Yes, the factory assembly line and the school cleaning aunt have all looked for it and are waiting for notice." Their current recruitment requirements, ah, are all before the age of 45, and no one will want them in a few years. "

Sister Juan stood up, tidied up the box by hand and moved it into the house, saying, "Yes, later I got married. he (Juan's husband) said that he could make money, and the woman should first take care of the family. the family also said that at the age of 30, there was no room for the development of a woman who gave birth to a child, but then she quit. "

staring at the handmade parts in her hand, Juanjie shrugged and said," he seems to have forgotten how he advised me, and for so many years, I was the one who was in charge of household chores. "

at that moment, she didn't have too much expression on her face, but I thought expressionless was a sad expression, so I secretly blamed myself and failed to learn the skill of comforting people.

after recording these stories, I am a little sad. It is not because "age" is a restriction or a nuisance, but it is found that "age" is sometimes used as an excuse, or even a universal excuse to ask a woman to do or not to do something.

when evading problems, age becomes a reason for false trust.

sometimes what we give up and escape is only the limit we have set for ourselves, not age at all. And the people who persuaded us to give up will immediately forget what they said when their lives change.