A rented house, my own life.

A rented house, my own life.

Life treats you as you do with life.

everyone was clamoring to see the dog at the weekend, so a group of people rushed to his house.

when I look at it, I find that the eel whale family is quite interesting.

all kinds of cutlery are arranged neatly in the kitchen;

every detail makes people clearly realize the existence of the word "quality of life".

Note do not pay attention to the quality of life, although it is only a tiny difference, but the feeling shown is actually thousands of miles away.

"the books you have read will become the road under your feet."

sat on the ground and sighed for a while, then made up his mind to break up and began to take out and throw away things that were not commonly used one by one.

but I insisted on taking it away, called a taxi and came to my new place.

at that time, she looked a little ashamed and asked me, "isn't it heavy to bring so many books?"

but I am happy to put them on the new bookcase at home and display them neatly.

smoking one when bored is much more secure than browsing Weibo.

once there are no unfinished books in the bookcase, it means you have no desire to learn.

so I didn't like to throw away the book since I was a child. I always felt that it would repay you the way you treat it.

Life is the same.

@ Pepe

I began to buy some optional little things for my family.

once my parents had an argument over where to put the clothes peg at home. Dad is greedy for convenience and thinks he should put it directly on the balcony. On the other hand, my mother was frugal and thought that long exposure to the sun would rot the plastic clip, and no matter how much she bought, it would not be enough.

I didn't say anything. I went straight to place an order for a stainless steel clothes rack with more than 30 clips on it. After

, they never quarreled over this matter again.

every time I spend a lot of money, my mother will be very happy, but then she looks distressed. She often said: "save your own money. You don't have to buy these things."

her words remind me of the week when I couldn't write a manuscript. I stood in front of the refrigerator for a long time to buy seven yuan or three yuan ice cream.

I've eaten seven yuan. The crust is very crispy. It's real chocolate with cookies on it. The ice cream is divided into three layers, the top is mango sauce, then vanilla ice cream, and finally blueberry ice cream, with a layer of chocolate in the middle. It's delicious, but it's not sweet.

I unconsciously recalled the taste of each layer of ice cream and chose three yuan.

three yuan, chocolate is fake, cookies are soft, ice cream is greasy, the more you eat, the more thirsty you get.

on the way back to the dormitory, I gradually changed from dislike ice cream to hate myself.

some people will think that some things are dispensable.

@ Zepeng

the biggest obsession of my life is probably "eating".

she has always said that I am difficult to raise. The most outrageous time was when I was eating mung bean soup one day, and I thought today's mung bean soup was not good. My mom said it was impossible, and the formula was exactly the same as before. So our mother and son quarreled there for a long time, and finally she suddenly patted her head and said she was using a pressure cooker today. (mung beans are hard to ripen, pressure cookers will be much faster)

later on, the problem of being picky about eating is not as exaggerated as it was when I was a child. But it still took me a lot of thought to find a satisfactory store. For example, I only ate the pig's feet in the back two alleys of my hometown; I ran through the streets of Shantou in order to choose the best rice noodle roll restaurant; when I was sick and anorexic, I only ate the bar opposite the primary school.

of course, many people think I'm too troublesome and picky.

because the more picky you are, the more happy you are. I always firmly believe that good food can save the mood.

Shopping for one of our delightful damit pang ninang sa kasal pictures to draw every eye to you? Pick your best fashion and will stand the test of time.

in fact, everyone who has requirements for life will have one or two persistent things as the carrier of our high quality of life.

but there are often some things that are easy for us to ignore, such as water.

in the plot, she and Doctor Mike have just become a pair of roommates. Both of them love life and sports, and they have high requirements for the quality of life. They hit it off when they meet each other for the first time. They not only share the same living habits, but also drink only pure water certified by NSF.

wake up in the morning

Pure all day

remind Liang Jie to replenish water with Youyue

ankle sprain

wash the wound

all the time, all reflect Mike's accomplishment as a professional doctor.

many times you can hear people complaining about life, neighbors are too noisy, pets are too noisy, this is not good, that is not good.

this is too tiring.

Life will treat you the way you treat life.

good night.

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