No one deserves to wait for you.

No one deserves to wait for you.

I feel sad not because you lied to me, but because I can't trust you anymore.

when she asked a classmate she knew, she didn't think so. She only said she didn't want to go back, and she had to listen to nagging again. If you don't eat a few mouthfuls, you will be booed and asked for warmth. In my heart, there is a little red man shouting: "that's right!"

We always say that the future will be long, but first the food gets cold, then the weather gets cold, and finally the heart gets cold.

coincidentally, I also know his girlfriend. Privately, she said to me: "every date he set in the Internet bar, in fact, if he can teach me to play games, I would like to, but he only cares about himself." I can only watch from the side, or play Masters. I'm really tired of wanting to go, but he always says,'I'm in a good mood. Give me two more. If you want to go, go first'. "

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after listening to this, we can understand why they broke up later.

because the more there is no sense of distance in a relationship, the more there should be a sense of scale. when I wait for you, I'll wait for you. Maybe the more I wait, the happier I am, but no one is a fool. When you don't feel the meaning of waiting for you, waiting just means wasting time, and the account becomes a deficit. Disappointment is a terrible emotion that spreads and covers all the good things.

how much friendship can be extinguished by this kind of "waiting" is clearly marked in our hearts.

everyone around me knows that I am a person who firmly opposes being late and getting stuck. It boasts a new timing tool that is more punctual than a death pocket watch. For an independent final assignment, most of the time I will force myself to finish it that night.

there are "it's not too late to discuss tomorrow" and time to play games, and there are "I've been very busy lately. I'll do it when you're done." His mouth is full of locomotive gangs, and he is also a transparent person to shield the news from the group. Their basic principle is: "anyway, we haven't seen each other since, and I don't have to bother to make a good impression on you. I just muddle along."

and those who leave behind the words "wait a minute" and never end the topic are the cancer of the world. This sentence is like hanging people on the edge of a cliff. Yes, I can wait for you, but at least you can tell me how long it will take to do what you want to do, so that I can decide whether to sit or stand.

there are a lot of things we have to wait for in the world, but there are some things I can do for you now, doesn't mean I'll do it next time.

so in the future, you'd better hurry up and not be late, and keep people waiting one less time, which is tantamount to inserting a cold arrow in others.

(I will pass it on to the newlyweds)

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