The theory of loving the useless

The theory of loving the useless

How many people can there be just for their dream job?

sitting in front of me is the department director of this game company, which means that as long as I pass this interview, I can get a good offer.

I smiled and said, "do you still write now?"

then looked at me pointedly: "many young people think they can do well between work, life and interests, but they are not. It is naive."

and he tried very hard to convince me: "you are young. When you are polished by life, you will find that the so-called love of is far less real than that of cars and houses."

on weekends and after work, I don't want to do anything but lie at home and have a rest. I used to play ball and write, but I don't do it anymore. I don't even play games anymore. "

he said that he would leave just because he didn't have enough money and was unhappy.

what I really want to ask him is: "now that there is enough money, are you happy?" Do you like your present job? "

suddenly sighed that I met a good teacher when I was an intern in NetEase's games during the summer vacation.

he smiled and said, "I'm busy every day."

once he scolded me for being lazy at work. Instead of blaming me for being lazy, he looked at me seriously and said, "if you just come here, it's far from worthy of the word 'love'."

nowadays people don't talk about the so-called "love".

A year ago, when I decided to write for a living, I was afraid, and my father scolded me several times because of the dissuasion of the people around me: "who can I support by this?"

at that time, Xia Zhiyuan, who was far away from thorns, changed a manuscript in an Internet cafe. After three hours of revision, the manuscript was not saved because of an accident. It was already 11:30 at that time, and if we changed it again, it would be too late to send it out, and we were all very depressed.

the thorn said yes, and then said to Yuanxia, "ask the reader to wait for us."

for that article, we changed it to 01:30 in the morning, and when we finally sent it out, there were still many readers waiting. I sat in front of the computer in the Internet bar, and suddenly I was very moved.

every time someone says "thank you" backstage, I always take a cold bath while shaking, and I can't help but be happy.

of course, it's not that I haven't thought about giving up.

now I've been writing for more than a year. I've written 100, 000 plus and 400000 plus. It's really fast.

Life doesn't stop fucking just because you choose what you like.

I'm not that strong. I can move on against my life.

but then the whole team is not as happy as it used to be.

A few days ago, the eel whale quarreled with the advertiser and was so angry that he had a high fever.

at one stage, a friend said, "Zepeng, do you think you are very impatient now?" You work in the radio station, you write articles, it seems that you are just to complete the task. "

I look back and find that when I keep staring at "data" and "readings", I forget why I wrote in the first place.

I am a writer.

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I agree with everything he says.

so in this process, we will certainly learn to compromise, learn to be smooth, learn to negotiate, and learn to fight for interests.

but when we are making more money, we will mistakenly think that this is the right thing to do.