The song with the most music reviews by NetEyun

The song with the most music reviews by NetEyun

You must have heard of it.

until Jay Chou's "Sunny Day" began to play, suddenly several people asked for wheat.

someone on Douban said, I don't know why, but I suddenly wanted to cry when I saw it.

"rainy days, classrooms, people."

I love to play. When it rains, I like to take an umbrella for a walk with my friends on the playground. Rain Water will crack the umbrella.

on the other hand, I like to wear long-sleeved school uniforms all the year round and tie up my wrists when it is hot.

I met her in April, when the weather in Shantou was already a little hot, and she was riding a bike in long sleeves, right in front of me.

in the past, I would pay attention to one person and just need the other person to be "special".

then I gave her a cup of milk tea at the school gate. I panicked for a long time. Now think about it or feel a little interesting, a cup of milk tea want to deceive people to fall in love with themselves, now where there is such a thing.

when I think about it now, in fact, I have forgotten many details. I only remember the classroom, the rainstorm, and that person, but I still feel something in my heart.

"I still don't want to say goodbye."

there is someone who loves you for a long time.

A lot of people in their school days, there was a person who loved it for a long time, but finally separated. everything I did at that time seemed to disappear with that departure.

and in the song "Sunny Day", it conveys these little emotions cleverly.

there is the same smell in Sunny Day-Jay Chou does not write lyrics, but hums the music at random, re sol sol xi do xi la.

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so the lyrics "but you seem to have said it at the end of the story". Obviously, in the end, "good-bye" will rhyme with "good-bye", but Jay Chou stubbornly chose not to say goodbye.

some people say that "good-bye" is easier than "good-bye".

when I asked what the song "Sunny Day" meant, a friend who played the guitar smiled sheepishly and said, "I'll tune it with the prelude to this song."

under the comments on the song NetEase Yun Music, the first hot comment was: "I listened to it in my freshman year of high school. I met the child's mother at that time, and then I was so happy."

so, when I know that Sunny Day is the song with the most music reviews on NetEYun, I am not very surprised. Instead, I have a feeling of "that's it, that's understandable".

and sometimes, the feeling for a song is often because of the people you met at that time, because of what happened at that time. So when I hear it later, I will inevitably think of a lot of things.

there are probably some songs and things, that's all.

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