Some songs that are intended to be used to express love.

Some songs that are intended to be used to express love.

Good night.

later I found that I not only had no money, but also couldn't find a hundred friends to do it for me.

Tonight are the top five songs. I hope I can finish 100 songs in my lifetime.

the first song still can't help choosing Zhang Xuan's "like".

this song is free and easy mixed with some tenderness, many years later, when the prelude sounded again, I can not help but soften.

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I've written this song before, "there's nothing here".

the lyrics of this song are actually very obscure. From the beginning to the end, there is a somewhat coquettish attitude of "go away" in the lyrics.

as far as I am concerned, I want to thank the other person for not rejecting it.

Aojiao's exclusive confession song.

but, I must have liked you.

Love words always have to make a detour to move people.

I hope there is also a magic trick that can make you love me more.

two singers who like very much.

this song is very real, it sings: " how many sacrifices to plant this day, how many disputes to challenge this day, first found that it has come so far." In an interview with

, Zhou Baihao said that the song was not intended to be released, but that it was a song he made specially and secretly for his wife.

to be honest, I am not a good confessor.

when you grow up, confession becomes a strange thing.

she said that confession requires a sense of ritual.


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