Not only do you want to skip class, but also college teachers.

Not only do you want to skip class, but also college teachers.

Students who don't like class can run away, but the teacher can't.

it is the secret of open discussion among students that which teachers must order in class and which teachers turn a blind eye. Most college students don't like classes, so teachers who turn a blind eye look much cuter in the discussion.

so I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth and washed my face and rushed to the teaching building. The first class was not over, so I sat in the last row of the empty classroom next door.

I looked up and froze.

everyone looked back at me, and so did the teacher.

that scene made me feel sorry for my college teacher.

I have heard of a teacher, known as Dr. Sun, who is decent in style and dedicated to learning.

anyone who has taken his class will know what academic enthusiasm is.

Dr. Sun's evening course is in a large classroom, which can seat more than 120 people.

but every time, no matter how many people come (usually about 20), he will speak passionately, and some students will be curious and ask him why he is still like this. Won't he feel angry?

"I know a lot of people don't come, but the people who really come are those who really love learning and science, and I'm willing to speak for such people!" He said.

because he is too academic, Dr. Sun probably thinks that all people are just like him.

until that time he failed half the class.

some students reported him on the grounds that the quality of the classroom was low.

then Dr. Sun was called into an office, and people didn't know what was going on inside.

all we know is that the professor never delayed the class again, never blushed in class, and began roll call and attendance in elective courses.

the final exam is drawing near. In the last class, he said to the students:

"Let's review what we have learned this semester, Chapter 1, Section 1." Chapter two, section three. Chapter three, section one. "

score is out, 90% pass rate, boy.

Dr. Sun was rated as an excellent teacher that year. There was a picture of him on the glorious wall, and he didn't smile at all.

besides college students, there are also university teachers who have been changed.

in order to curry favor with the students, negotiate, and even mix to eat and wait for retirement, they joined hands with the students to turn the university into a nursing home.

do not blame them, give a very simple example.

if you do not "curry favor" with the students, the students' grades are poor. From the above point of view, this score data only proves that you are rubbish.

I was full of expectations for him, but I didn't want him to come up and start to introduce himself. After introducing his brilliant experience and rough life, I also began to introduce my daughter who was studying in the United States.

and there are many similar "win-win". I have also heard the teacher say, "I am about to retire, so we will take this class casually."

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this creates the illusion that teachers and students live in harmony, but in fact they have their own ghosts.

this kind of phenomenon frustrates many teachers who were once enthusiastic and warm-blooded.

I met a teacher once. He had a class at 08:30 and the classroom was full at eight.

this is a clever teacher who knows the temper of his students.

Cai Yuanpei once mentioned that there are three kinds of teachers that cannot be teachers, namely, teaching but not learning, learning but not teaching, and not teaching without learning.

but when the teacher jokingly said, "one more person to listen to the class", I believe he still loves the profession in his heart.

but one thing about hard-working college teachers is that

teachers cannot and should not escape.

Lu Yifei

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