Non-mainstream things you can do when you are bored

Non-mainstream things you can do when you are bored

There's always one for you.

people are prone to wishful thinking when they are free, which is probably the reason why many college students (especially single dogs) are hypocritical and confused.

whenever I am bored, lovelorn, miserable and unable to write a manuscript, I will take out this event list to see what I am going to pass today to waste my affected time.

couples in love have enigmatic qualities. They will brag about what's wrong with their partner in front of you, and then when you suddenly say "that breakup", they will suddenly shrink their necks and say, "that's not good."

1. People who fall in love are fools.

2. Get on a bus at will. If you get carsick, you can take the subway.

next, open Meituan and find the most acclaimed restaurant nearby to have dinner.

ended the day with such a decision.

of course, the root cause of most people's sadness is lack of money, fat and ugliness.

running in an open street is lonely, running on a busy road is dangerous, and if you run around in various groves, you will be accompanied by lovers, large and small, while solving safety problems.

all in all, by walking around the woods, you can see through all kinds of people in the world, it is much sweeter to break, and you have a better understanding of the world.

some people don't have the heart to disturb other people's happiness. After all, if they have a date in the future, the grove may also become a place where they often come.

Don't worry, I have studied it. Now the moments are very positive. Suppose you are bored twice a week, then a month later, you may have learned photography, design, writing, coffee making and pastry cooking.

5. Put your cell phone in the dormitory and go to the library to study.

on a boring and empty afternoon, I reported a book that stayed in the catalogue for three months, then pretended to accidentally leave my cell phone in the dormitory and studied quietly in the library all afternoon. This may be the only way to save you.

Elegant and striking, nobody should be without our graduation eighth-grade gowns. User-friendly, fun and a great value.

of course nothing is perfect. For example, in this scheme, you can't take photos and post them on moments to make people feel positive.

I don't think it's shameful to waste time.

because it means you're a half-ass,

, but you don't have to feel sad or lost, because fortunately, a lot of people do.

because I want to remind you that you have been at peace for too long to accept any uncertainty.

all the root causes of boredom come from fear of uncertainty.

finally, you have another trump card:

so you'd rather continue to be bored at the same time.

Wang Zepeng:)

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life