Jiang Chen: "anyone can go, but Chen Xiaoxi won't."

Jiang Chen: "anyone can go, but Chen Xiaoxi won't."

How much I like you, you will know.

Brother Xia has only been a member of Tencent Video for half a year on Singles Day, just for me to chase "to our simple beauty."

I saw last night that during the class tour, Li Wei confessed to Jiang Chen and hugged Jiang Chen. This scene was seen by Chen Xiaoxi.

Brother Xia sighed again, "Wu Baisong is so miserable. Why doesn't Chen Xiaoxi like him?"

he retorted to me, "you are shallow because Jiang Chen is handsome."

and how much Jiang Chen likes Chen Xiaoxi, you never know.

I remember that Chen Xiaoxi lost his class pay and lied about a stomachache. Wu Baisong went everywhere to buy brown sugar and medicine.

Chen Xiaoxi was suspected of having bird flu and was quarantined, and Wu Baisong shook branches outside the window for her.

Wu Baisong broke the rules of the swimming team for Chen Xiaoxi. in front of the reporter, he admitted that his motivation came from Chen Xiaoxi, and even asked her at the first time, "where do you go, I'll go with you."

Wu Baosong heard that Chen Xiaoxi asked everywhere about tickets for Manchester United's match, so he asked someone to get two tickets that were very difficult to get.

for Chen Xiaoxi's wish, Wu Baisong climbed the roof at Christmas to make artificial snow outside the classroom window, and was caught by the director in the office to do push-ups.

Jiang Chen glanced at her, which was given by my mother.


then you go to the convenience store, stand in front of the freezer, seem to stand for a long time, and end up with only one can of coke.

two years later, when I came home, I found that there was an extra moon lamp at the head of my bed. You didn't say anything, but I remember you once said, "one day I will move the moon to my room."

but I always remember that in the trailer, Jiang Chen, who became a doctor, said, "everyone can leave, but Chen Xiaoxi will not."

Jiang Chen is not. Jiang Chen will be more careful and will carefully express that he cares about this matter, but words like "Chen Xiaoxi won't go" is actually very difficult to say in Jiang Chen's mouth.

once he says it, and you leave again, he will really be like an empty balloon, with nothing left.

"it's probably like, when you keep wearing a pullover upside down, you always feel uncomfortable and strangled, which is trivial, but you just can't ignore it."

I said, "when I first met you, I didn't know you were such a person."

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but what about Jiang Chen?

"I really don't remember, but I do remember one time you yelled at me on the playground. You cried so badly. Then I thought it would be better not to make you cry so badly in the future. "

in the novel, the teacher asked Jiang Chen, "are you in puppy love?" Jiang Chen said, "sort of."

Jiang Chen blocked all the troubles from the teacher for Chen Xiaoxi, and Chen Xiaoxi was foolishly in the dark.

Chen Xiaoxi asked Jiang Chen, "do you think Hu ran is beautiful?"

Chen Xiaoxi said: "do you think she is beautiful enough for men to forgive her past?"

"would you forgive me if it were me?"

"Why? Doesn't it mean that I'm not as beautiful as her? "

"because I love enough."

Jiang Chen took Chen Xiaoxi around the back door of the hospital. He said he would take her to a delicious hot pot restaurant.

he said: "that store is open all the year round. They have a couple pot. I hear it's delicious. I want to take you to eat for a long time. I can't wait for winter."

Chen Xiaoxi stopped and his nose was sore and wanted to cry.

"I don't have one."

his tone was serious. "I'm not touching it, I'm touching it purposefully."

Chen Xiaoxi asked that there are better girls in the world. Yeah, why just want her?

"because you cry in front of me, you snore in front of me, and I don't feel irritable at all."

"Chen Xiaoxi, come here."

but she still moved her ass sideways and asked him, "what are you doing?"


I have always felt that it is more like what Jiang Chen said to Chen Xiaoxi.

because Chen Xiaoxi once said in the book--

I used my index finger to poke the dimple that Jiang Chen laughed out, and I changed my middle finger to poke it, and changed my ring finger to change my tail finger to change my thumb. He didn't hide or dodge, but laughed the dimple even deeper. "

the era of "mischievous Kiss" was Yuan Xiangqin's love for Naoki Jiang, which was called "people all over the world know it."

Jiang Chen's love for Chen Xiaoxi did not follow the word or accompany her all the way, but it was "very effective." it was so effective that when Chen Xiaoxi could not see the problem, it helped her block the problem.

good evening, I am Yuanxia.

whether it is

"if there is something in heaven, there is nothing to enjoy. "(Apostle 2)

" how much Jiang Chen likes Chen Xiaoxi, you never know. "(Xiao Mei)

only she knows that you are not only watching the play, but also your own shadow.

when "Little Beauty" is updated, Whale will probably write another article about other emotional lines in it.

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