It's not only smoking that I can't quit, but also these movies and you.

It's not only smoking that I can't quit, but also these movies and you.

Good night, everyone.

"fifteen years."

I have seen an MV of Edison Chen, without makeup, wrinkles are clearly visible, and everyone says he is old.

so one night, when I sat in front of the TV while eating midnight snacks and saw Edison Chen's classic crooked smile slowly climbing into the corners of my mouth, I was a little moved-- if it hadn't been for what happened in 2008, he could impress us more.

the video of Edison Chen's speech at New York University was scanned on the moments not long ago. He talked a lot about made in China and about love and attitude.

Infernal Affairs of 2002 has been exactly 15 years since.

every time I am sad, I secretly watch King of Comedy by myself.

before this film, he swept the top spot at the box office every year. After that, he created Zhou's world through the camera: Shaolin Football, Kung Fu and later the Mermaid.

Yin Tianqiu is a walk-on. The most memorable song is called "Song of shit". The lyrics are: "shit, you are a piece of shit, life is cheaper than ants." After graduating from the film and television training class, Yin Tianqiu became the host of children's programs. at that time, he had to sing and dance with the children every day.

so he recorded programs during the day and went home at night to study "self-cultivation of actors". If you remember the Hong Kong TV series Xunqin, which made Louis Koo famous, you may have seen a walk-on in a low-level soldier uniform responsible for drumming, and that was Yin Tianqiu at that time.

of course he said yes, otherwise he would not have changed from Yin Tianqiu to Xing Tsai, and then from Sing Tsai to Sing Yeh.

so in King of Comedy, he realized the wish he had planned for a long time:

it's just that he put Liu Piao in Yin Tianqiu's tragedy, so that such a female character with great sense of self-protection was slowly dispelled under Yin Tianqiu's stupidity, and then asked Yin at the seaside at night, "Hey, it's dark in front. What's there to see?"

"No, it will be beautiful after skylight."

it's not just smoking that I can't quit.

there are a lot of people around me who like this Hong Kong-made movie very much.

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this kind of evaluation is more or less corny, and most people in the landscape don't know when and why they like the film.

throughout the series of movies, there are many pictures and sentences that poke points, such as "some things don't need to be done in a night."

one of the moments

will return home the day after tomorrow

Wang Zepeng and Zhang Jingsui

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