I, like, screwed up again.

I, like, screwed up again.

Are you feeling better?

We've all probably had moments like this.

the news only mentioned that it was a well-known investment bank that was recruiting PTA.

on time, this is the one thing I am most confident about. But I replied to the line that I still regret: "is four working days free, and I want to know which company it is?"

I can send it right away, but I already know in my heart that it's too late.

the bell rang with the end of class, and my head kept ringing around, and I screwed up again.

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she had made up her mind not to stay in office.

but really, the department is so hard, and I don't seem to be ready to stay, just because it really gives me a home, just not to let them down, just to make our relationship a year better. These external and human factors really don't seem to be enough to support me to stay. As a result, hesitated again and again, after passing the last attempt to stay in office, I found the teacher and gave up the retention quota. It is conceivable that after hesitating for so long, there was another reversal that no one expected, and the posture when I left was really not good-looking. Originally, I wanted to simply leave with the best and most cherished memories. Even if I could have left, they were the seniors who made me feel at ease and warm around me all the time. But now, I probably screwed up again. I always do this every time I make a decision. I want to have both, but I can't do it all the time. "

"after I went to college, with the idea of learning more, mastering one more skill than others, and improving my competitiveness, I made up my mind to sign up for ACCA, paid 42000 yuan, took a few subway stops to class every weekend, and was full of confidence in my subjective initiative at the beginning. With this tone, I finished learning f2 and F1, and as a result, because of my improper schedule of study, I put off f2 after passing the F1 exam until the summer vacation, so I wanted to take the exam together after learning f3 in the summer vacation.

but the plan can't keep up with the change. Due to the time conflict, I can only take f4 classes during the summer vacation, so now I have not been able to take f124 focus f3 all the time, and I can't learn the rest of the course well. The improper timing has made me mess up my mood of studying hard. "

"it is said that chasing someone requires careful calculation, can not get to know each other too quickly, and can not be included in the scope of friends too early. This is really a game, a technical job.

these are just some real experiences of us struggling in college.

there have been before and will not be less in the future.

when others or we place some expectations on ourselves, the less we allow ourselves to make mistakes. But it seems that the more you seek perfection and fullness, the more vulnerable you are.

there are a lot of "ifs" that can turn out to be much worse than screwing up.

but these small failures do not negate their intention to do it, just because their own or others' eyes slightly blame themselves for the way and result of doing it.

in fact, if you are optimistic enough, you will find that life is just a game.

but have you ever thought that sometimes the so-called success is just that you have achieved a goal?

just like Shakespeare said:

(Milk us)

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