I don't want to forget you yet.

I don't want to forget you yet.


if you've ever used a 32-gigabyte phone, you know how painful it feels.

app does not dare to download randomly, and videos are difficult to record. After all, every time you want to add something new, you have to delete dozens of photos as a price.

you will make new friends, you must take new pictures, learn new skills, and have a new job.

and the arrival of new things always means that some part of the past will be cleaned.


every time I plug a sim card into a new phone, the first thing on my mind is not to find the address book, but to download the photos that have already been backed up.

but the picture is uncertain.

No matter where they are stored on the Internet, they are just a pile of data.


this photo is the final photo of my last farewell performance in college.

although we always say "get together again when we are free", in fact, work, life and location make the reunion a long way off.

A man's real death occurs when he is forgotten.

so, as long as I still have this picture in my phone, I will know that they are still alive in my heart.

in everyone's memory, there is always an inch that is desperately protected.

did you know that the best way not to be forgotten is to make more people remember?

send a photo + the story behind the photo you are most reluctant to delete to the background.

good night.

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