I deleted the picture in tears.

I deleted the picture in tears.

How are you.

and nearly half of them are uploaded from old mobile phones. The oldest photo has been retained ever since I had the first mobile phone that could take pictures.

they are carriers of memory.

but from the first to the last, the protagonist is always you.

that's why only your mobile photo album knows best what has happened to you over the years.

only it knows best who has proved the meaning of your existence over the years.

@ Poca

he used to be the one I couldn't get close to in college, but at the end, he could tell me in this way. "in fact, I know what you've done. When I wanted to say thank you , I really felt enough and didn't ask for anything else.

even if you can't fly, you are my Superman.

this is the picture my father and I left in the hotel in Beijing. It was my mother who took the picture.

my father didn't say much that night.

I didn't know until I grew up that he was alone outside the operating room, crying silently for a long time.

@ πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜πŸ˜‘

because the first heavy rain in life was drenched with them.

the mobile phone photo album is about to be filled, but there is only one back photo of my grandparents.

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looks like a different person, becomes very fragile, and often cries like a child in front of me.

every time I call home, I can always hear Grandma's cheerful voice: are you going home this weekend?

filial piety is never too late. I am grateful to my grandparents for raising me. You should be healthy. There are still many things I haven't done for you.

@ Fengmo

when I came back, I was completely cut off from them because of the wall.

but this dream is so beautiful that I don't want to forget it.

@ Little Yonny

16-year-old movies, but I'm the only one left.

if only the memory would slowly turn yellow and fade like a movie ticket stub.

@ turn his back

I saw him looking back at me step by step, and I saw him take off his glasses in his left hand and wipe away his tears in his right hand.

so much so that I haven't put it down now.

this is the first gift I gave him on his freshman birthday.

after that, I never had a chance to contact him again.

this is my puppy. I took a picture of it when I was one or two months old.

stay with him all day during the holiday, leave home to go to school in Guangzhou, and think about it every day.

I miss it very much.

@ Cheyenne

four years ago, I lost my way with them on a trip to Guangzhou and stumbled on the Pearl River and took this imperfect picture.

turn on your cell phone every time you are unhappy, look at their smiles, and find a little more courage to stick to it.

this year's New year's Eve dinner at home, even if the backup to Baidu Cloud Qzone also do not want to delete.

@ Endan

on August 27, 2016, I met May Day for the first time and saw a rainbow.

A college trip is the first time it is said to go.

thanks for meeting them and spoiling the best and worst of me.

@ Misty79

two bullet trains in different directions, just like my father and I, one is heading for youth and the other is heading for twilight years.


now I find that there is really little left behind after the passage of youth.

@ A.-

it's a good thing you won't get drunk, or you'll be in trouble.

this is the last time.

this photo commemorates my lost youth.

even if one day I no longer like her.

I went to Xiamen on May 1st and played a group of "remote photos" with him.

We have to admit that human memory, like mobile phone memory, is limited.

but there is always something that we desperately want to keep in the cleaning.

my friend kindly reminded me that Android phones can actually insert extra memory cards.

it seems that only in this way can people move forward.

because SanDisk told me that dreams and memories can be expanded.

in addition, it comes with a "SanDisk storage zone" app, which makes it easy for users to manage mobile content.

that is, I have the opportunity to get the choice of dream expansion

after finishing those photos, I have some feelings.

others say that they will keep it until they die.

there are people who want to forget.

because who you are now is the mapping of the past.

so you can neither forget nor remember.

take them and live your life.

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is still the first appearance in your memory.