At a glance, the Wechat list is full of dialogs that end by themselves.

At a glance, the Wechat list is full of dialogs that end by themselves.

I always say that something wrong with me seems to be an infectious cold that has become prevalent in the past two years.

used to think that this is polite, represents respect for each other, even if the conversation can not continue, but also to end a complete conversation. but slowly, doing too much of the one at the end produces some awkwardness and grievance in vain. at first you can stick your head out of the wall with enthusiasm on your toes, but then there are fewer bricks under your feet, and you can't jump over the wall.

especially when they are faced with people they care about.

"OK" and "got it" are immediately like capital "awkwardness".

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but I know that she didn't do it because she didn't want to talk.

that was in high school. Every time he didn't come to class, I would send him Wechat and say, "I've got the paper for you. You don't have to return it if you see it."

after taking the paper for the boy many times, he told me that he actually liked my saying that he didn't have to answer because it made him feel free.

so I don't want to, but I choose to do it just because I care about each other.

but I am also mortal, and people who are used to ending will one day have delusions:

who will end a conversation.

after all, someone has to do it, someone will be the one at the end, and someone will bear the last silence.

because we cherish, so we choose to stick to the politeness that doesn't get a response, because we cherish, so we want to give each other more comfortable sense of security, because we cherish, so we clearly tell each other that the conversation is over, and we can make each other feel at ease.

on one side is a still screen waiting for a reply, and on the other is a vacated hand that is entering but always clicking to send.

just people, they are all selfish.

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