About I love you.

About I love you.

Everyone has a misunderstanding about the world. Wang Zepeng only began to listen to Zhang Xuan after he went to college. On a September afternoon, in an empty classroom, the midday sun

it was quiet for a long time. In the middle of reading, she suddenly stuffed her headphones into my ear and said it was a song she liked very much-"about I Love you".

Zhang Xuan's lyrics have always been something special.

it took me a long time to read the lyrics of the song about I Love you.

so he managed to approach her inadvertently, so he inexplicably chatted with her every day until 04:30 in the morning, and at last she was so helpless but inadvertently separated.

so much so that when I mention it now, there is no longer the hysteria and sadness of that time. Now I have a good life, and I have a new person I like.

this is always the case. It is because important people walk away one after another that they suddenly become addicted to certain songs.

and I heard goodbye in this song.

some people are sad in front of loss, while others are free and easy in front of loss.

"cherishing and profligacy are the same thing". In that case, it's not a pity that you didn't work hard enough.

"when you don't forget and don't want to have it", in the end, you don't have to forget that part of the past, you can just put it in a corner of your heart, don't deliberately forget it, but don't think about it again.

and finally, Zhang Xuan murmured sentence after sentence "I love you, I love you, I love you", just like the last goodbye.

"since everything starts with this sentence, let everything end with this sentence."


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Music about I love you

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