A person who is pessimistic about relationships.

A person who is pessimistic about relationships.

How long has it been since I saw you?

the person in charge of picking us up is a freshman, tall and polite, because he has big ears and is called "Tutu" by the people in their department.

I said no, it was awkward.

but now it's awkward to call them again.

Tutu is the host of that night, very polite and formal. I can see that Yuanxia and eel whales like him.

when the eel whale finally left, he looked at the picture that sent us to the car and said, "some people only meet once."

Trying to find a superb modern white graduation gowns that will not kill your budget? There are arrivals in the latest fashion trends.

it's just that no one on the bus is upset by this remark.

they have long accepted the fact that some people will never meet again.

I have lost a lot of friends and lost a lot of contact.

No, habit is lost, and a relationship is enough.

so whenever someone who has just met tells me about an appointment a year later, half a year later, or even three months later, I always say coldly, "maybe we won't get in touch in a month."

I can only nod and say I'm sorry, and I don't want to.

on the way back from Huanong, I looked at the chaotic backstage.

from Zengcheng to Guangzhou, there was a traffic jam and failed to call Didi several times. I got on the bus and arrived in the last four minutes. After ten o'clock in the evening, I asked Didi to leave Guangzhou.

in June, we still chat.

when I went there last night, she didn't tell me that there was a photo session at last, and she didn't come up.


is so blurry that I can't see the face clearly.

I know that guy, too. He was cut off in January.

our later relationship was so estranged that she was disorganized; even at the same school, we never saw each other again; all our friends avoided talking about each other in front of us.

then I lay on the bed, a little trance.


so I act like a non-stick pot and don't let any relationship leave a mark on me.

but one day, when I stopped to have a rest, I suddenly found that the things I thought I had lost were still with me.

secretly listen to the scene and leave messages backstage.

that night, I suddenly remembered a lyric from Heart:

"if you can't be together forever,

and then smiled inexplicably.

We still can't make waves