"Why don't you go home and look for a job?"

"Why don't you go home and look for a job?"


he is usually so busy that most of the conversations between us are in a hurry. For example, take me to the high-speed railway station, such as pick me up from the high-speed railway station.

when I came home from Guangzhou not long ago, the high-speed train received his voice before it arrived at the station, emphasizing that it was at the South Railway Station three times, so don't go wrong.

that day was no exception. He parked his car directly opposite the gate and stood by it and looked through it. When I first saw him, he opened the trunk.

I shrugged: "someone wants it."

I followed my eyebrows and said, "I told you last time I came home."

after being silent for a while, my father said, "you seem to be graduating soon, right?"

my dad: "where are you going to stay? Guangzhou? "

he mentioned it in a tone and asked curiously, "have you ever thought of coming back to Shantou?"

he also laughed: "Shantou is not bad."

then he asked an unexpected question: "where are you going to buy a house?" I asked the face, "it's a little early to think about this before graduation."

I glanced at my father when I heard this.

I always felt that what he most wanted to say that night was the sentence "he won't come back once a year."

because I was not feeling well, I went to the hospital for several days in the first week after returning home. The doctor said that I might have to stay in hospital for observation for a while and asked me whether I was studying or working.

my father says that nowadays children like to go to Guangzhou.

my father said, "the wings are so hard that I want to fly by myself."

the doctor said, " I want to fly even though my wings are not hard." "


for example, many of my friends are still interning in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and they can't go home until before and after the Spring Festival.

in fact, people who go to school in different places feel this way when they go home every year. I mean, "there are some differences in familiarity." For example, the shop that used to sell rice noodle roll downstairs has been replaced by a mobile phone maintenance shop, and the empty real estate opposite my home has also moved into many new stores this year.

there are some changes in my hometown, as well as at home.

and my bed, because no one has slept for too long, the pillows and quilts are gone. You know, there are pillows and quilts for me in the studio, but not at home.

this sentence makes me a little stunned.

my friend posted on moments last night, saying that as a graduate, I feel a lot different when I go back this year.

Today, my mother asked me why I frowned. I said that's what happens when I think about things. My mother said, "then take two steps." Didn't you like to walk around the house when you were thinking about things? "

after my mother said this, something flashed through my mind.

this change may be small, but because we are so familiar with each other, we are familiar with the sausage noodle shop downstairs, and the family is familiar with our small moves when eating, so these small details become extremely conspicuous and uncomfortable.

the more changes in me, the more discomfort in his heart.

when people of our generation talk about big cities and small cities, we always talk about hope, dream, struggle and flight. All we see is ourselves.

We are all in their eyes.

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