Whether it is 27 or 37, Edison Chen is still Edison Chen.

Whether it is 27 or 37, Edison Chen is still Edison Chen.

The future of China is yours.

when he gave the speech, he first waved to everyone, accompanied by his trademark crooked smile.

at that moment, 37-year-old Edison Chen still looked like a dynamic young man, and you wouldn't associate him with a 40-year-old middle-aged man at all.


the money was given to him by Edison Chen's father. At that time, his father advised him to buy a house and not to open a shop, because it was bound to fail.

but now, CLOT's annual income has reached 20 million dollars.

this is a common mistake, and they think that the "made in China" label means that the product has a lower standard.

what he does is not only made in china (made in China), but also created in China (made in China). Everything has to be China.

"this is made in China."

people over there say that we never make shoes for Chinese companies.

in fact, nearly half of the world's shoes are made in China.

now, ten years later, CLOT is still working with nike to co-sign six pairs of shoes.

what he does is not only a few pairs of shoes that have no market, but also sends a signal to the world:

second, Chinese people should have the consciousness to make good products.


Anita Mui warned him early: "as long as you obediently don't have so much negative news, it's easy to become popular."

because of being good, it means giving up part of independent thinking.

at the press conference, he looked haggard, dressed in a solemn black suit and dim-eyed. He publicly apologized to all the victims and announced his indefinite withdrawal from the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

besides his notoriety, he is also burdened with debts.

but also from then on, Edison Chen understood one important thing:

is born with a process of finding your true self.

what I want to do is HIPHOP, which is self-expression.

but it's a sad thing if you keep lowering your standards for some reason.


he said that people will judge Chinese films as "this film is a good film in Chinese films". In his view, a film is a film, and the evaluation standard should not be lowered just because it is a Chinese film.

nothing can be lowered because it is made in China, it will only get worse and worse.

because if Edison Chen only wanted to make money by selling clothes, he would not have his present achievement and status.

Wanna look {{a5}} in these evening gowns for christmas party and add glitter and charm to your daily life . This is your one stop place for the perfect collection.

he believes that in the Chinese market, many things are pipelined, including music production, some people are responsible for writing words, some people write music, and then get together to let singers sing.

until he released his last album, the record company gave him a budget directly and then asked him to do his own songs with an indifferent attitude.

Edison Chen readily agreed without hesitation for a second.

everyone thought he couldn't, except himself. However, he did succeed, and without publicity, the album's "Shadow is there" rose to the top of the pop chart.

just like his hip-hop music in 2004, people vaguely think that this kind of thing is good, at the same time, people don't know what the standard of judging this music is.

Edison Chen said: "the quality of works cannot be changed. We must always understand what is excellent and continue to contribute excellent works."

at the end of the speech, Edison Chen said:

hearing this, I clicked the download button and shared it to the moments.

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