When I was eating beef hot pot, I thought of you.

When I was eating beef hot pot, I thought of you.

What's the smell that reminds you of home?

I have to answer this question repeatedly every time I chat, which makes me a little irritated. I directly raise the volume and shout: "how many times have I said it? I will reply as soon as it is done."

after hanging up, I felt guilty, but in less than half a minute, I was @ in the work group, and the guilt dissipated without a trace.

in fact, most of the time, people who are drifting outside are not so homesick.

busy working,

busy giving solutions to clients;

busy tired, just want to sleep in bed;

when will you be homesick?

there are two kinds of greediness, one is brought by the mouth, the other is produced in the brain.

on the other hand, the craving in my head is periodic and points to a special delicacy, and then eat it with emotion.

I have eaten little and been picky since I was a child.

my parents were in a hurry and studied the recipes to cook for me every day, but the food intake still didn't improve.

but now they are happy and want to buy beef for me to eat at the end of the day.

so my father often goes out early and runs a few kilometers to line up at the head store of Haiji (Baheli) in order to buy some safe and good meat to go home.

most young people in Chaoshan are no stranger to such scenes.

whenever I think of it, I think of home.

before, I went with eel whale to explore the new beef hot pot restaurant downstairs. Outside the store, there was a circular broadcast of a gourmet documentary dubbed in Shantou dialect, and several big words were written on the sign-"what it feels like to bring you home."

as a result, I felt a sense of disobedience as soon as I stepped through the door.

the strange bottom of mandarin duck soup on the menu, a wide variety of sauces such as Haidilao, and strips impersonated by river noodles-these are software violations.

so most of them like to drive next to the slaughterhouse, and a cow usually takes no more than six hours from slaughtering to the table. If you go early, you will find that the beef that has just been killed is still warm, and the muscles and nerves will twitch from time to time.

as for sauces, the standard is sand tea and chili sauce, so there won't be many other options.

but the funny thing is that in spite of this, I can't help running there again and again.

in fact, not only Chaoshan, each city has its own unique food.

so much so that on the first day of each holiday, there are food sharing meetings all over the circle of friends.

only you know that even if the recipe is exactly the same, the mood of eating is different.

the family village where Wang Weizhong was born is a special historical product of Taiwan.

later, people merged the eight major cuisines in China into one, creating a unique family village cuisine, which satisfied the homesick taste of all regions, and became a special ninth cuisine.

only the cuisine from the village has become a bridge linking the feelings between the two sides of the strait, transcending time, distance, and life and death, continuously drifting homesickness from one end to the other with the taste in the heart.


at that moment I was in a trance, as if I had come home.

but when I swallowed the last piece of meat, it suddenly occurred to me:

if the person who should be here is not here, no matter what you eat, it will be boring.

(look at me for a long time)

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