Those good times that only belong to one person.

Those good times that only belong to one person.

In fact, being alone is not scary at all.

@ Wang Zepeng

I once secretly promised to do everything I could in college.

so one day I went to eat hot pot alone.

finally, I found a table constantly looking at me and chanting words. I am very glad that I have finally experienced the loneliness in the eyes of others. I deliberately passed that table when I left, wanting to hear their understanding of loneliness, but I was very sad to hear them say:

you see, in fact, no one cares about what you call "alone".

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@ far Summer

since I went to college, I will sing every time when my mood is low.

when I said "one", she looked at me up and down strangely.

when I go to the box, I dare not go to the toilet casually, for fear that the waiter will return the room because he thinks the person is gone.

you don't have to give up the song you want to sing for fear of getting the bad name of "Mac hegemony".

the only person you want to please is yourself.

actually just a few days ago, someone asked me, "what do you do when you are bored?"

in fact, the two problems are similar, because most people get bored when they are alone, and only when they are bored do you need to pass the time.

but in fact, I haven't been bored for a long time.


since that's the case, why not open Tencent Video and do something that won't make you feel lonely.

Don't give up such an adventure, whether it's a person walking on the subway home with a backpack, or staying at home in the afternoon with nothing to do.

turn on your cell phone, click on Tencent Video, meet with all kinds of characters in the play, and experience a different life in just a few dozen minutes.

what a great experience it is. Tencent Video can help you achieve what you are thinking and what you dare not think of.

I have seen someone turn on his cell phone to ask a friend out for dinner as soon as class is over. If no one happens to be free to accompany him, he will be able to see him in his moments about 10 minutes later: "Today is eating alone again. It's really lonely to have no one to accompany him."

but many people choose to listen to music or click on a video to make "eating alone" interesting in another way.

so stop complaining about boredom and don't feel lonely.