The way you express your love is terrible.

The way you express your love is terrible.

Good night.

the most classic confession code in the movie,

look at it upside down, it's I miss u, I miss you.

such as " 969426464 ".

in fact, it's funny that everyone who sets a password /password wants the other person to know what they're talking about, otherwise they won't put those "passwords" where they can see them.

I'm not afraid of you as a fool. I can't even see the most basic hint.

this song was used by Lao Yan to express his love.

I said you are sick. Can you change to a more direct one?

8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning, I (1), LOVE (4), YOU (3).

some people say that Japanese people always speak politely.

but I actually like this euphemism. after all, if the "I love you" is said around the corner, then you don't hear it, and I don't blame you. I just blame myself for setting the code too complicated.

but at least I know the answer, so I don't have to face the reality I don't want to face.

for those who are careful to explore, it is really difficult to say "I like you" and so on. However, if is a code, it seems to have a little more courage.

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