The post-90s generation changed from a moonlight clan to a moonless clan.

The post-90s generation changed from a moonlight clan to a moonless clan.

How much do you have to pay back this month?

when I got up this morning, I could not help but thump when I saw such a sentence in my moments with a bill of flowers posted under the text.

only when the monthly automatic repayment message comes, will I "hiss" and take a cold breath, frown and ask myself why I owe so much and begin to live a more restrained life.

when the post-80s generation first started to work, the word "moonlight family" began to catch on.

some time ago, I still lived in a small rental house near the school.

there is a small village near the school, and there are a large number of migrant workers, so law and order is naturally a headache. Only three months after I lived there, I learned that the lock next door had been pried open inexplicably.

many "experienced people" tell me that they must not live too badly, otherwise it will make people miserable.

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when I signed the lease, I gritted my teeth and said to myself, "it's not a bad thing to live better, and then be frugal in eating and drinking."

I was happy when I moved into my new home. I no longer had to put up with the darkness and uneasiness, but the downstairs shopping mall and food court became another nightmare.

when you are depressed, eating a meal of Japanese food is an injection stimulant.

such excuses are unwittingly used. Only when I check Alipay's bill at the end of the month, I find that I am not frugal at all, while the monthly rent of 2k per month is unselfishly fixed.

but the pressure of girls in this respect is often dozens of times more serious.

also tell you that good-looking girls are all burned out with money, and spend the money they earn, so there's nothing wrong with being beautiful.

when you browse Weibo every day, you will be exposed to several advertising copywriters such as "good quality of life", "live happily" and "remember to reward yourself".

at ordinary times, you can often see girls Amway each other, like a super gold medal sales.

of course, regret can also be heard afterwards: "Oh, why did you spend so much this month? no."

like taking advantage of all available space, no one can avoid it.

No one is really stupid enough to be bewitched casually.

I have a group chat on Wechat. The name of the group is "turnover vault", and the members are made up of me and four members.

and just a few months ago, we were able to save a few hundred yuan with a little over a thousand dollars a month.

once someone suddenly jumped in the group: "half a year after graduation, have you ever transferred money to your family?"

it took a long time for someone to send out a sad frog expression with a series of ellipses on his sad face.

in fact, when I get paid many times, I always have the impulse to go home for one or two thousand. I know this move can make them happy for more than half a year.

there is no other way but to feel guilty.

I suddenly remember the loving look in my eyes when I was taken to the mall by adults when I was young and saw the toys on the container.

then I will struggle for a long time in front of the cashier and after careful consideration, I will take away the toys I don't like so much from the shopping cart.

as if we were liberated, we rushed into the mall and pocketed all the good things we might use.

in the face of desire, excitement, and shallow pay slips, monthly arrears have become the norm for young people.

after all, any good thing needs real money.

good night.

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