The girl who posts on moments like this really gets a lot of points.

The girl who posts on moments like this really gets a lot of points.

Push each other

Thank you for your tolerance. Good night

Let bygones be bygones.

an editor-in-chief who has operated several million fans for a long time,

here, with tender brush strokes,

1. Lu Xun: you only see his venomous tongue, but you don't understand his affectionate

Don’t you think that it is time to add some super trendy prom backless gowns to your wardrobe? They are perfect for any occasion.

"if you want to kill a person, one is to scold and kill, and the other is to support and kill."

the most effective way is to simplify him.

Unfortunately, he has become a simplified Facebook.

"at first,

but later, hindered by environment, habits, material desires, delusions, etc.,

there are very few people who look like people like him through the ages."

in the State of Zheng, Confucius and his disciples were separated.

when a native of Zheng saw it, he pointed to Confucius and said to others:

("tired like a lost dog")

4. In the boring world, fortunately there is such an interesting soul as Wang Xiaobo!

and a wise, interesting, rational and maverick person like Wang Xiaobo,

is to eat love as a meal, marriage as a snack,

as a snack,

6. Love for three generations requires a well-matched background

all because it is white and shallow.

her father is the king, her predecessor is the king, she is the king,

her niece is also the king, and her nephew and son-in-law is the king of kings.

this is a well-married marriage.

it's not easy to be sympathized with at all.

but always touch the sensitive self-esteem of others,

8. Every performer has been affectionate

for only a few days, and it has become a joke.

most of the time, just like Lu you and Tang Wan, although Shen Yuan was reunited,

10. Li Yu: I am wandering in this world, dreaming of a wishful thinking

every encounter between people is fate,

some meet each other, such as Li Yu and Xiao Zhou Hou.