So you started eating chicken.

So you started eating chicken.

But remember, gang up is not an escape for us.

the original name of "eating Chicken" is "Road to Survival: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS", but when you get the first place in the game, you will see a slogan called "good luck, eat chicken tonight", so everyone affectionately calls the game "eating chicken".

it's easy to play, but it's not that easy to operate. I have no fewer than 10 friends who can't play this game because they can't stand the 3D perspective, including Wang Zepeng, an idiot. I once ate chicken with him in an Internet cafe. He took off his headphones in less than two hours. I thought he was going to discuss a special strategy with me, but he just waved and said, "wait, I want to puke."

later I found out that she just likes to watch me get killed, but she doesn't want to ask her to put on headphones every time, because you never know when you will be shot by Voldemort in the back.

"if it hadn't been for girls, we wouldn't have played that game full of" primary school chickens "at all."

this scene, further up is "League of Legends" in 13 years, "Dungeon & Fighter" in 11 years, and DOTA in 2009.

my cousin and I are diametrically opposed to each other. I now make a living by writing, but he makes a living by tapping the code. When I was a child, he was better than me in literature and art, and I was more naughty than him. When I was in the fourth grade, I liked to play Fantasy Westward Journey, and he pointed to the Q character and said, "if you hit me, I'll hit you. It's really boring." Later, I went to play CH3C (a Warcraft map). When I was alone with six heroes, he was still playing all kinds of boring Warcraft RPG, and he never connected to anyone else, only playing a stand-alone machine in his room.

he looked at the computer and said, "you don't understand. I'm playing with the plot, not playing weird."

at the same time, I no longer pray that the two of us will meet in an Internet cafe together after lunch, as we did when we were kids.

so the game is actually the connecting channel between me and their spiritual world, and it is also the prop that carries all my childhood memories.

but because of "eating chicken", we went to the Internet bar with him for two whole days on National Day. As soon as we finished lunch, we shouted in the WeChat group: "Let's go." I still remember when I was in the third grade, in order to take him to play CS, I risked being beaten to steal a dozen or twenty from my mother's wallet every day, and then when he was sad, I shouted, "Don't worry, I have."

but we are very different from when we were kids. He became a technical player, checked the strategy before playing the game, and knew where to go as soon as he went in. As for me, I was always shouting to fight with everyone with my bare hands at the airport. Knowing that others were guarding our rooftop, I dared to go shopping with a broken eight times scope. Finally, I was knocked down with a bullet. I climbed slowly to the door and shouted to him next door, "help me, help me."

I feel that through this game, we have returned to the days when we were extremely naive but worth cherishing together.

for a long time, the judgments of public opinion on games were "ignorance" and "electronic heroin", so that we, the post-90s who grew up with the Internet, could only touch the black Internet cafe in a very humble manner in the past countless days and nights, and then quietly yelled "boot" to the boss, and finally bent down to click the boot button.

so even though it is difficult for outsiders to understand what boys call "gang up", the word "gang up" is still a tacit understanding that many boys do not use words in their hearts.

so, we gang up to solve the sadness after the breakup, and we can also gang up to forget the embarrassment during the interview. We can cover up the embarrassment even by being ridiculed by our future mother-in-law.

it's only during that time, and only during that time, that we can be nobody, we're just ourselves.

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Zhang Jingshi

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