S7 ends, youth ends.

S7 ends, youth ends.

Please allow us to feel sad tonight.

"Congratulations to SSG on getting a ticket to the finals and waiting for the Chinese team to come back next year."

fans of moments seem to be more reserved than after last night's defeat of RNG.

No one wants to talk about failure again, which is all the more depressing.

just like they don't understand, next year, we may not be able to come, and neither will our heroes.

six years ago in the summer, I first came into contact with the game LOL.

I looked around, didn't I just imitate DOTA? Or is it a game that doesn't make up for it?

so during that time, every time I went to an Internet bar with my friends, I was quickly divided into two groups. Most people were attracted by LOL, while Fa Xiao and I stubbornly held on to the dota camp, and even created a chain of disdain.

that's when I applied for my account for the first time in the newly opened Zone 6: war Academy.

but I was really happy at that time, and people were more willing to come here to be a happy vegetable chicken and be satisfied with each other than in other games.

level 30 is coming soon, we are beginning to get in touch with qualifying, and everyone will have their own Rank.

and in order to get the latest professional experience, we have all learned to watch the game.

it was the S2 era, when it was IPL5. During the break in high school, a bunch of boys would surround the one with the most mobile phone traffic, and they had to ask the girls in the class to help keep watch, so that we could avoid the instructor and watch the live broadcast of the game for 15 minutes.

the five members of WE that year were Ruofeng, strawberry, factory director, smile and curly hair.

compared with their own vegetable chicken operation, they were excruciatingly strong at that time.

so that those of us who have just entered the circle think that the Chinese team should have been so strong all the time. The version change of

S3 is huge.

the rhythm of the entire version has changed with a series of humble changes from Boxing Company.

the characteristic of the old we is that he is good at anti-pressure on the road, global support in the middle, field of vision protection assistance, let smile carry the output flag of ADC, and finally win.

although it is a pity, fortunately, another Chinese team called the Royal Family began to rise and made it to the S3 finals under the crazy output of Uzi and 50-50.

when I was in high school, I heard the word "come again next year" for the first time.

in S4, it's almost the same story.

so I can only listen to "come back next year" again.

first of all, the rise of live streaming platforms such as Douyu. Compared with the prize money of the competition, the high dividends on the live broadcast of the platform attracted many professional players. Veteran players also chose to retire because of their age.

the situation caused by a variety of factors is that the contestants do not dare to fight, only to pursue success without mistakes, and then go to the platform for live broadcasting to make a lot of money. The result of

is not surprising.

the history is long, and two years are just two points that are too small to be smaller.

in the past two years, my friends and I have hardly watched the S-Series competition again.

even the game LOL is getting out of the game, not to mention the players who hate it.

forget all about the person who roared in front of the screen.

but what's a little sad is that among the RNG and WE players now, the only ones I know are Uzi and Night.

it was only when I saw Uzi and ID that I remembered the championship dream I had for them.

I heard that Jaye Xiaohu once killed skt's big devil faker three times on the field;

and the improvement of the entire domestic environment also seems to be waiting for this moment to come.

(Xiaohu kills Faker)

finally loses.

the coach resigned voluntarily, mlxg apologized on Weibo, and Uzi cried backstage for half an hour.

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Faker, the great devil at that time, is still people's nightmare today.

A thought flashed through my mind: "I may not be able to come."

the whole industry is on a healthy track, so people have high hopes for them again.

maybe at that time, I would smile and say, it's nice to finally win the championship, and then po the picture of the five contestants holding trophies to moments.

the new contestant is destined to defeat the new devil.

Youth is getting cold, it is really cold.

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