Post-90s marriage concept: I really don't want to get married in my life.

Post-90s marriage concept: I really don't want to get married in my life.

Good night.

Thank you for your tolerance. Good night

recently there is a hot topic on Weibo called "I don't need your advice for the rest of my life. I've been blind by myself". There are a lot of comments below, among which the highest praise is "mobile phones are not fun or snacks are not delicious. Why do people have to fall in love and get married?"

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many people tease that today's girls are amazing. At first, they don't want to have children, then they don't want to get married, and now they don't even want to fall in love, for fear of wasting time playing.


now we have parents to support, friends to maintain, and various forms of entertainment to relax. If marriage is to avoid loneliness, then we don't have to. Don't say fear of loneliness, sometimes even desire to be alone. We would rather lack than abuse, how can we be willing to deal with another person?

Young Jun has a girl friend, a PhD graduate, a senior executive in a foreign company, who is smart and energetic, and leads a prosperous life. Going to work is the devil of Prada, and she immediately becomes a lucky young woman of literature and art after work. When a person went to Nepal last year, the picture showed her leaning against a tree and grinning in her pocket. it was a model of celibacy.

I asked her, you're not going to get married for the rest of your life?


getting married means accepting another person into your life, not only sharing the material, but also sharing the spirit. After marriage, we have to bear more things together, although I do not want to admit it, but I no longer live for myself.


Marriage without love is irresponsible, because none of us can guarantee that we can live with someone we don't like for the rest of our lives.

I like to cycle through a single song until I'm tired of listening to it. I like to be paranoid and like someone until I hate it. I like to vent all my discontent in my world until I drive myself crazy. I like the feeling of being alone in a crowded crowd, as if forgotten by the world.

"find an easy boy to marry"

"never fall in love with the wrong guy"


"10 most enjoyable sexual experiences" 7 "

" these three aunts, scum men like "9"