People who drink late at night like to ask for trouble.

People who drink late at night like to ask for trouble.

What really makes us better is not the drinking itself, but the self who decides to live a good life after waking up.

after drinking wine after college, I found it very bad, and I didn't like it.

it was difficult for me to understand this sentence until Liu Bai wrote this article tonight.

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at that time, the minister told us very seriously that when making a toast, we should first pay homage to the officials and the seniority. Hold the cup with both hands, the mouth of the cup should be lower than each other.

A toast to brothers and sisters in proportion, one for sophomore, three for freshman, one for junior, six for freshman, and so on.

that day, several younger brothers squatted by the roadside and threw up all over the floor.

drinking is an orgy of pretending to be mature.


later, he broke up with me.

after thinking for a long time, I bought a ticket home and planned to pack all the things he gave me and give it back to him.

at that time, I had no appetite and could not eat anything. I was afraid to go home for fear of being discovered by my parents, so I sat at McDonald's all night.

the moment I handed it to him the next morning, I thought I was relieved.

but after turning around, I always thought he might catch up.

so I walked slowly, my back was straight, and I deliberately waited for the green light twice when I crossed the first street.

but I just didn't wait for him.

I remember that the night I just broke up, I was sitting on the roof of my dormitory alone, rummaging through my address book and didn't know who to tell. Finally, he carefully sent a sentence to Zepeng: "I seem to be lovelorn."

I use the word "as if" because I am very dishonorable and have a glimmer of hope for him.

when some people say goodbye, they really won't catch up.

"drink with me."

my friend just came back from out of town. After receiving the message, he put his luggage home and came to me directly with two bottles of beer.

he said that he had just been lovelorn and understood how I felt.


in the movie wounded City, Takeshi Kaneshiro said: "what's so good about wine?"

that night, after drinking, my friend went out to buy midnight snacks. When I came back, I was already asleep and didn't hear him knock on the door.

suddenly found that the world is not so bad.

if you like, listen to me not to speak.