Men will be disappointed.

Men will be disappointed.

Courage and disappointment are accumulated.

I do not know since when, there has been a kind of "politically correct" public opinion on the Internet.

everything my girlfriend says is right. If you think she is wrong, please reflect on yourself.

boys are different. There is no reason to be angry. After all, it's nice for us to have girlfriends.

in this environment, the sufferings of boys are always rightly ignored.

after chatting with several male compatriots, I want to write about the six most disappointing moments in love.

the biggest difference between boys and girls lies in the importance attached to the breakup.

usually at this time, the boy will be soft, gather all the patience in the body, to make his girlfriend happy.

but in the 101st time, the boy finally replied: "strong>" OK, then score, I've had enough. "

pleading to no avail, and later came to the conclusion: because of such a small matter to break up, it must not be enough love.

and energy, like disappointment, is cumulative.

only children think that everything is black and white, right or wrong.

when he said to you, "I'm sorry, baby, I was wrong," he thought he could defuse the conflict and save the shaky relationship by bowing his head.

if you could say softly, "actually, I'm not good either."

third, having an affair with other boys will not refuse.

but when you say the word "together", you not only have more rights in the relationship, but also need to bear the corresponding obligations.

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every time he looks for you late at night, he gets your reply;

when he calls you "pig" and "fool", you acquiesce to this term.

but all actions may be a hint that the price is secretly marked.

IV. Trample on his self-esteem.

when I am single, I am all-powerful and I always feel like a genius.

this kind of self-attack is also a good thing, and it may also make people work harder and become better.

for boys, hearing the words "incompetent" and "useless" from you is even more lethal than "I don't love you anymore".

there is bound to be a gap between people.

parents can't fully understand you, and neither can girlfriends, especially boyfriends.

this is something you must be clear about before you step into an intimate relationship.

he knows that every time you are asked "what's wrong", when you say "nothing", you actually mean something.

in his mind, he can admit mistakes and solve problems.

in this way, you are not the only one tired.

I can talk to you on the phone for five hours a day;

I chat with you every night from the wee hours of the morning to the daylight;

Love is like a long-distance run. This metaphor is really exquisite.

in the middle of the race, I realized that it was not a sprint, so I couldn't reach the finish line by sprinting too hard, so I recovered my physical fitness to 80%.

so, when he needs to work, needs to have his own life, and needs a little respite in the face of stress.

you know, long-distance running is not for sprinting.

growing up in the traditional Chaoshan area, I have seen too many women of the previous generation suffer a lot of unnecessary suffering because of gender, and are even forced to give up a lot of things.

so I am glad to see that the idea of feminist independence is becoming more and more popular and girls are becoming more and more powerful.

just don't forget that when people pursued equality between men and women and women became independent, it was not to turn around and become masters, to suppress all members of the opposite sex and return to matrilineal society.

you know, only in this way can relationships last for a long time.

Let's cheer together.

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