Meet you

Meet you

Can you expose me.

until the end of summer, some students were surprised to say:

under everyone's booing, this secret love finally turned into an open love.

it's funny to think about it. When you like someone, your mind is often full of careful machines.

"sometimes, the intention is to give yourself an affair."

so that when she broke up with her, she said, "you don't even know why I broke up."

probably after that, I began to care about what other people said. Although I still make fun of others, once the other person is suddenly silent or changes his face, I will apologize with unease and carefully ask me if I have said anything wrong.

I also began to learn to bring paper towels when others needed them; to sniff out other people's unhappiness, and then to take the initiative to invite them for dinner or a walk; and began to learn to secretly look through each other's Qzone or moments to find each other's birthday, and then send surprises.

when we talked about the topic of "mental intelligence" a few days ago, I smiled and said that I was straight. They gave a bah, saying that I once found the QQ account through Wechat, then found each other's birthday and favorite singer through Qzone, and finally quietly sent out an album.

I said, is this the so-called careful machine? They said of course it didn't matter. So I can only smile and nod and say yes.

then there is a sudden feeling that maybe people call it sweet, and those "be careful" are all gradually learned in some unhappiness in the past.

"A good girl should be careful."

at first I laughed at her for "losing a lot", but later I found that the clothes I bought had no sense of design, and they pilled without wearing them twice, and in the end they were used to press the bottom of the box.

I just found that compared with those heavy makeup, grandiose hair color, pretentious hair position, and the careful machine that can really come in handy, it will not be easily detected.

it's a pity that most of the time, while watching the show with snacks, we scoff at the girls who are "careful": "what is the ability to be careful? good girls don't play tricks."

but at least they live a beautiful life.

I really envy them.

"careful machine is used to be exposed by you."

in the past, when I watched TV, I felt very annoyed when I saw that the protagonists only knew how to give silently, and finally were alienated by others, and gradually had misunderstandings. From that time on, I thought that

bad intentions should be seen through;

you said: "average."

Elegant and striking, nobody should be without our bridal beach gowns. There is no better place to buy the perfect dress from than

I asked again, "who do you like?"

so pretend to bump into your shirt and give you an album quietly in an attempt to trick you inadvertently.

when faced with important people, we all have to do something.

when it comes to taking pictures, there are many reasons why you want to take a good picture.

although we just want to show the best to the people we care about, we often have to admit that the moments taken with this routine are really not high-end at all.

"but I just like the way you secretly look back at me every day and don't want me to find out."

really, only in front of people who like each other, tricks and tricks make sense.