Lu Benwei is being hammered to death.

Lu Benwei is being hammered to death.

Is Lu Benwei good?

Lu Benwei is no exception.

40 minutes later, when the slogan "good luck, eat chicken tonight" was displayed in front of the screen, Lu Benwei exhaled a cigarette and complained to Ma Feifei, who was sitting by: "Damn it, I don't have time to kill all 30."

in this game with up to 100 players, this result means that he alone killed nearly 1/3 other players.

how scary is it?

the column

Strawberry (former LOL pro) 2.7

A + (chicken eater) 4.6

this is abnormal both statistically and emotionally.

there are only two possibilities for a player who can take this to the extreme in a short period of time.

two: he uses a game plug-in.

but he is only Lu Benwei, not Faker, nor Dopa.

after the broadcast that day, Lu Benwei sent the video of 29 killings to Weibo. In addition to the usual "Lu Benwei is awesome," the voice of questioning cheating also gradually rose.

(automatically lock the head)

then made a simple response to the squirrel in the studio, denied the open query, and asked the other party to provide the address, ready to send a lawyer's letter.

on December 4, another popular anchor, Imperial Master, connected to the squirrel in the live broadcast and changed the room name to "actor's self-cultivation", restoring Lu Benwei's extreme operation in the 29 killing video. and at the end of the "inadvertently" exposed the plug-in prompt tone, and then admitted to hang up, and apologized to everyone.

this is a tough move, which not only gives Lu Benwei a heavy hammer, but also gives power to Blue Hole (game official).

if the name is to be blocked, Lu Benwei who does the same operation should be punished the same way.

on the same day, bilibili officially issued a statement saying that he would provide legal aid to the up master squirrel threatened by Lu Benwei.

but on the same day, he opened a live broadcast, claiming that was "opened by a friend with his own account, and he would never cheat."

during this period, a large number of game enthusiasts have emerged from bilibili, recording videos one after another to provide evidence to question Lu Benwei's opening and hanging up.

I can see that the pressure is bound to exist no matter whether he really opens the phone or not.

on December 7th, another "hamster admirer" of bilibili up released another video, which was recorded after Lu Benwei recently attended an offline meeting with fans after completing TGC.

as a result, the group of fans shouted dirty words to the camera with him and had a foul language show.

people rushed to @ Weibo of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League to leave messages and report, and soon received criticism and feedback from the Communist Youth League Weibo.

Lu Benwei is even more depressed.

summoner Canyon has always been his rush path and his safe haven.

Slip into the elegant collection of toddler ball gown dress. Shop now and enjoy our quick delivery and excellent customer service.

you know, if you give up the race in front of 2 million people, you will not only be blocked, but also be sprayed to death.

and said: "if you kill Lu Benwei once, the store manager will charge a net fee of 500,000."

I thought it was just bad luck, but I didn't expect that after making it through this game, the next game would still be madly targeted by other players.

the next morning, Wang Sicong gently clicked a like on Sina Sports' report on the matter on Weibo.

the rumors of questioning cheating will always pass, and the hot searches on Weibo will be covered by new hotspots.

you know, all his achievements, past and future, are supported by the banner of LOL.

this kind of support is not just to brush rockets, not to go shopping in his Taobao store, not to have someone waiting for him to start a live broadcast in front of the screen every night.

but as a viewer, there is only one reason to watch Lu Benwei live: watch him killed.

on December 8th, Lu Benwei's psychological defense completely collapsed, and that was his last live broadcast.

just like the sentence "Why do people want to kill me" on Weibo, he doesn't understand why it was originally just a small storm of questioning and hanging up, and it turned out to be like this.

while the accusation has not yet sat in real time, those friends who should have supported themselves have chosen to be silent.

as a matter of fact, people's grievances against Lu Benwei have long been more than just because it is so simple to open and hang up while eating chicken.

the day before the closing of the S4 season, among the first generation of LOL retired professionals, only Strawberry has not yet reached the king's Rank.

later, because there was something wrong with Ruofeng, he volunteered to join the team.

when he came back, due to his various low-level mistakes in the game (opening 1v5, being caught without a brain), the time of victory was delayed for several minutes, and even if he finally won the game, strawberry could not get the settlement reward.

but at that time, friends in the circle were willing to stand up for him.

another incident of the King of Kings a year later is the real hammer.

although the other person has said "I knelt down", he has been buried for a year of painstaking efforts. (Tips: if the Rank arrives at the King and signs Douyu, he will get a 20w bonus at one time.

after the S4 finals, the royal family won the runner-up and Lu Benwei retired.

at that time UziIn private, he went to beg Lu Benwei to come back and help him rebuild the royal family.

Uzi was only 17 years old at that time. After listening to this, he was so excited that he returned to the base and played for 27 hours with his best wheel mother. After successfully winning the first place in the national service, he went back to Lu Benwei with a tired body.

Uzi, who stayed in the same place, looked stunned.

many years ago, there was no live broadcast, there was no fire, and the environment of e-sports in China was extremely bad.

on the night before the competition, Shao Shao acted as the team leader, pretending to be surprised to find that there was still 50 yuan left in the team, then ordered two plates of 20 yuan "Li Zhuang Bai Meat" out of his own pocket and invited them to eat the only rice with meat for a few weeks.

I just didn't expect that during the year-end ceremony of Douyu, which just ended in November, because of a small misunderstanding, my former good brother, May five, developed a thousand-character long text player called Shaoxiao, saying that the other party used him as a gunman and deliberately provoked conflicts between him and other anchors.

"I usually invite a small meal. Li Zhuang Bai Meat is just an ordinary meal. If having a meal is a brother, then my brother is all over the world. "

this time, he will no longer speak for his "superficial brother" against public opinion.

in the video, the 50-50 face is put on Sun WuKong's head, which has great powers, repelling 100, 000 Tianbing, and slapping Marshal Tianpeng, whose face is PDD on P.

when Lu Benwei watched this video in the studio, he laughed heartily and said to the camera, this is like me, this is awesome.

so he went to the school auditorium, stood on the stage, faced a group of college students with higher education than him, and made a "I am me, be myself" speech.

as a Hong Kong resident with a miserable background, he was abandoned by his father when he was a child. He only had a junior high school education, washed his hair and massaged others, and looked at him. He could only earn 10 yuan an hour. At that time, he never dared to imagine what he could have today.

he is like a gluttonous child, gorging on the falling cake. The more he eats, the more he expands.

squeeze out brothers, love, honesty, and awe of the audience.

Lu Benwei has no magic power. All he has is the somersault cloud of Douyu platform.

he did a somersault of 98000 li, disdaining all the past and leaving them all behind.

every time I negate the past, I deny myself and kick out some of the people who are entrusted with it.

at this time, it only takes a hammer to make him fall into the abyss.

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