"Little Beauty": I just want to chase you.

"Little Beauty": I just want to chase you.

Although you are troublesome, you eat a lot.

my friends say that the plot of "Little Beautiful" is actually a bit old-fashioned. You know they will be jealous, that they will quarrel, and that they will eventually be together, but can't help but want to watch it all the time.

the first time I saw the phrase "I am chasing you" was in the "Blue Gate". Zhang Shihao said with a giggle, holding the handle of the bike at night.

and after watching "Little Beauty", I found that this sentence is very suitable for every character in the film.

in the narrator of the first episode, Chen Xiaoxi said, "there are two most important things in my life, one is painting, the other is Jiang Chen."

Jiang Chen said she didn't like it, so she said she would think of something. Jiang Chen didn't wait for her, but she caught up with her by herself. Jiang Chen asked him to apologize, and she apologized foolishly.

Chen Xiaoxi wrote "I just want to chase you" on her face, and her desperate love gave enough sense of security to Jiang Chen.

the most beloved character.

if Chen Xiaoxi's love is ignorant, then Wu Baisong's love is much more mature. He took care of Chen Xiaoxi's feelings everywhere, accompanied him with a headband, secretly snowed and told her, "it's all right, I'm not going to like you."

viewers have long known that Wu Po-song appeared to chase Chen Xiaoxi, and that he would never catch it. In the end, Wu Busong, a textbook spare tire, even helped Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi get back together.

Lu Yang #

Lu Yang's love for Lin Jingxiao is also very conspicuous. He always looks at Lin Jingxiao the way he looks at the prince, and then fantasizes that he is a little princess.

these two pictures impressed me.

the mere idea of "I just want to chase you" is enough.

contrary to Lu Yang, Lin Jingxiao has an air of eldest brother.

but such a careless character, when Lin Jingxiao meets the person she likes, she suddenly becomes shy and delicate.

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Lin Jingxiao's "I just want to chase you" is very much like many people, who are careless on the surface, but plan carefully behind their backs, secretly design a "chance encounter" and secretly understand each other's hobbies.

before the finale, it is hard to imagine that he, who is so cold and cold that he hardly smiles, will be linked to the phrase "I am chasing you".

in the last few episodes, Jiang Chen pretended to have a girlfriend to test Chen Xiaoxi, sold her car to help her publish a book to realize her dream, and even took her by the hand and said she knew she was really wrong.

Jiang Chen's "I just want to chase you", he finally learned to take the initiative to leave something.

I mean, people who think "I'm going to chase you".

they say a lot of wringing words, such as "some like, but not to be together in the end", "single, no one to like", "unsuitable for people to fall in love with".

my friends say that the plot of "Little Beautiful" is old-fashioned, but to tell you the truth, the love of young people is both old-fashioned and wringing. As soon as people ask us what we want, we say nothing.

remember in the Blue Gate, the heroine frowned and asked, "what do you want?" Zhang Shihao giggled and said, "I just want to chase you."

he shrugged and said, "I'm in trouble, too."

because right now, the most we can hear is "I want to chase you", and it's hard to hear "I just want to chase you" again.

I think it's very important.

without that "is", without Chen Xiaoxi's words, I will think of a way, and without Wu Baisong, I am not going to like you, and without Jiang Chen, I cannot live without her.

illustration | "Blue Gate"

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