"just get some sleep." "it's a lie."

"just get some sleep." "it's a lie."

It takes dignity to be sad.

even Lin Xi himself admitted that the most desolate lyrics he had ever written was "I used to be very happy."

she ordered the song again that night, and in the middle of singing, her voice suddenly choked up, and then she laughed and scolded Lin Xi for cheating tears.

looking back on the scene at that time, I suddenly understood why she scolded Lin Xi for no reason-nowadays people always have to find some excuse for their sadness.

@ most male freshmen majored in mathematics

as for the reason, he could not tell, but simply thought that doing so would make him feel better.

he thought for a moment and shook his head in disapproval.

there is a cool breeze on the playground at nine o'clock in the evening.

No one knows whether you are wiping away sweat or tears.

"No matter where I am,

I can also travel to a foreign country and find sustenance."

"Boys don't want to look too vulnerable."

@ A Wen is a junior calligraphy major in Hunan Province.

she said: "if you can't hold back your tears in the middle of eating, you can pretend to be choking on chili."

she was aggrieved and went to the outer street of the school to ask for a Spicy Hot Pot and told her boss that it would be spicy. I saw her eyes flushed and sniffing, and suddenly she was in a trance.

it seems that when we are sad, we all find a small "sustenance". Some people rely on the spicy pain, some people rely on the sense of powerlessness after running, and some people rely on the music in their headphones.

Our prom pale attire are a perfect combination of comfort and elegance and fit any occasion. We have a vast range of styles and cuts to choose from.

actually, the facial expressions of "crying hot" and "uncomfortable" are not the same.

after all, faced with decent sadness and tacit understanding, it is better to heal those who are sad than to comfort them.

Cissy said, "I have always been grateful to the people who invented the cinema."

all emotions are allowed there.

so when she is sad, she will take a bus for half an hour and go to the city to see a movie.

"it's important to cry," Cece said earnestly. "when I'm sad, I'm embarrassed to cry when I walk down the street, in the dormitory, in the classroom building. It makes me even sadder to think that I can't even cry when I'm sad. "

"as long as you finish crying, everything will be all right."

after all, at an age when it takes dignity to be sad, few people want to be known. they don't really know how to get along with sadness .

I don't blame that reader. I just want to say one thing. Many times, even "ha" doesn't mean we're really happy.

such as the article sprinkled with two thousand words,

such as the steaming Spicy Hot Pot.

it's like every time you're sad, someone says, "just get some sleep."

but every time I hear it, I feel more or less comforted, and then use this sentence in exchange for a good sleep.

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