It's good to meet you, lovely freak.

It's good to meet you, lovely freak.

In a chaotic world, the crazy one is the only one who is sober.

it is politically incorrect, with bloodshed, violence and flight.

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what happens when two teenage boys and girls bump into each other.

male host James insisted that he was a psychopath after his depressed mother committed suicide in front of him. He put his hand in the oil pan, killed small animals and remembered each name. he hated to know his father .

they are the same kind in a sense, so they already have inextricable feelings when they don't realize it.

Alyssa only thought of James as a companion who offered a car to accompany her to escape this desperate town, only to find that the other person was so weird and cute.

because we all have hidden eccentricities or obvious flaws. We may be impatient, we may be rebellious, we may not be talkative, we may not be socially exclusive, or we may still have scars of self-harm on our wrists, although we may not have the courage to escape like the protagonist in the film. but we still hope that another weirdo can find himself as a couple.

then James killed the homeowner who tried to rape Alyssa, which was the best part of the show and made the plot twists and turns. Love mixed with blood is always more complex and fragile.

Alyssa was also frightened by this incident, so she sneaked out of James through the bathroom window in the old-fashioned way. She persuaded herself that she didn't kill herself, but in the end she worried about what he was doing and whether he would die.

so they both went back to the fast food restaurant where they parted, and Alyssa told James that he would never leave him again.

he said, I'm sorry I killed someone.

James is always the passive party at first, passively kissing, passively showing love, passively hugging, listening to him say the most words is "good". Because of his poor perception, he is very insensitive to feelings. But after he was with Alyssa, he found himself feeling it. He would pick flowers for her after making her angry, and he would take the initiative to kiss her, and even when the police came after him, he ran to the beach that seemed to be stretching off the screen, so that Alyssa could be exonerated. A perverse introvert could make such a change to outsiders as gratifying and sore.

what do people mean to each other? It seems difficult to put it into words.

they didn't leave anything to each other, but I know they will never forget each other until they become each other's epitaph.

the sins of teenagers seem to pour towards you at the moment of adulthood, like the book that has not been returned, the goodbye that has not been said, or the inadvertent slander will become a knife stuck in the body. Each of us is covered with scars because we have to bear it, and no one stands in front of us. We have to accept it, because we may never meet such a cute freak in the show to accompany us on a desperate road trip or desperate escape.

of course, I hope everything I say is wrong.

I am not ideal at all

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