It is really easy for human beings to be separated from human beings.

It is really easy for human beings to be separated from human beings.

Taiwan's independent band Hello Nico has a song called "Flowers".

the band has a song called "Flowers", which has a special voice and lyrics.

Flower, please forgive me, I made you so hurt unwittingly. "

A few years ago, she was cut off from her friend because of a misunderstanding. She wanted to say sorry to her friend, so she wrote the song "Flowers".

it's just that life is often not as good as poetry, and that relationship doesn't get better because of this song.

when I know the story behind Flowers, I think of something I have forgotten for a long time.

at that time, I loved playing basketball, and there were very few basketball courts in the school, so when the school bell rang every day, the players would greet each other and run to the court together.

then one day, I stood on the court and waved to him with a smile. Then he raised his eyelids, turned around and walked to another court, leaving my hand parked in mid-air.

I sat aside, looked at him from the side for two or three seconds, said nothing, and pulled the book back to me.

but nothing changed the next day. After a week of silence, I got a new deskmate.

A similar thing happened later, when the new deskmate suddenly estranged, suddenly changed seats, and suddenly made a detour on the field.

in the evening, I posted a Weibo message saying, "maybe it's because some people bring their own annoying attributes."

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just more or less wonder why.

but even so, they left without saying a word.

intimacy is sometimes unfair. When one party wants to leave, it doesn't need the consent of the other party.

later, probably a few years later, when I was having dinner with another friend, I made a joke, and her expression suddenly collapsed.

after hearing this, she was stunned for a moment, smiled and said, "I'm messing with you. How can you be so serious?"

it was just a moment of relief, and I was stunned a little bit. Because just now, an idea came into my head that she would leave because of a joke.

I'm not sure. It's just that at that time I lost two without doing anything, so I secretly thought:

Human beings and human beings are really easy to be separated.

it may be because we are in a foreign land, we tacitly ignore the twisting things of the past, get together again, play ball, drink, and make noise.

once I had a drink, and I asked one of them, what happened to me? He took a gulp and said it was his problem and told me not to worry about it.

their expressions at that time were not quite the same as usual, as if, in fact, they also remembered that, in fact, they were also waiting for me to ask, in fact, they also wanted to say, "Don't worry about it" and "it's over."

after those two times, I didn't mention the past, and I felt that in fact, my unhappiness in those years was just because I couldn't wait for a response, either good or bad.

maybe it's not that I can't accept being separated, but that I can't accept it for no reason. even if the reason you give me is "you are too ugly", it is much better than not saying a word.

Zhan Yuting once laughed at himself: "I'm not very good at talking."

she sings "I just want to play with you", but she also knows, "unwittingly, I made you so hurt".

in an intimate relationship, unilateral efforts are always useless.

I will still ask you to stay, with a text message, a sentence, or even a song. and if you still don't want to remember everything about me, move on.

good night.

Wang Zepeng:)

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