In the era of fast food love, fewer and fewer people want to get married?

In the era of fast food love, fewer and fewer people want to get married?

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Marriage means more family responsibilities, "widowed parenting, widowed marriage, motherly spouse selection, nanny wife." These problems aggravate people's anxiety and unease about marriage.

the cicada owner also thinks a lot: "if two people getting married is no more interesting than one person, then why get married?"

1. Anonymous /same-sex can't register for marriage

occasionally comes up with the idea that they want to get married, but because they are of the same sex, neither of them has come out to their families, and it is estimated that they will never get married in this lifetime according to the national conditions, so they don't want to get married now.

1983, ten years of grass-roots civil servants.

4. Anonymous /married women have no quality of life

if I could go back in time, I certainly wouldn't get married. I gave birth to two children and finished this and that every day. When she didn't want to have a second child, her mother-in-law said that I would bring it for you when she was born, but in fact, most of them came on their own.

5. Anonymity /check the quality of sex life before marriage



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