If it goes on like this, I'm afraid I'll only get a 2k monthly salary for the rest of my life.

If it goes on like this, I'm afraid I'll only get a 2k monthly salary for the rest of my life.

It's terrible.

during my internship, the little brother who sat on my diagonal was from Hebei.

I was surprised and asked him, "then why did you leave your hometown and move to this small company?"

he smiled and said, "because you're cute."

in the workplace, only people who are professional enough will be respected and cared for.


in spite of this, I can't hide the fact that I'm a vegetable chicken.

although I write down a lot of new things in the book every day, it doesn't mean that I work hard, because as soon as I get off work, it will stay in my bag until the next day, and it will never be studied by me.

afraid of accidentally looking at the leader's eyes, he was shouted, "Xiao Li, come and talk about your opinion."

I feel very tired every day, and I always want to get off work early and go back to GE Youpo.

this state went on for a long time, until a company release event, which was supposed to be launched at 19:00, was pushed out at 7 o'clock in the morning because of my carelessness, and none of the follow-up was ready. As a result, it made a big own.

when my superiors passed my desk the other day, I inadvertently dropped a sentence: "it doesn't matter if the work hasn't been started yet, at least be professional, right?"

at that time, I was so glad that he was nice that he didn't scold me.

unprofessional people are worthless in the workplace.

after that, I consciously redoubled my efforts to work.

from being able to hide from trifles to taking over the chores of the whole department,

despite painstaking efforts, the development of the story has not counterattacked.

later, when I talked about it with Chen Lian, he interrupted me and told me a story.

all this is naturally unfashionable in Chen Lian's eyes.

Look fabulous on any occasion in our prom junior gowns. Here are the absolute perfect choice to make you dazzle!

this is very difficult, so that he has almost no space for a moment, even thinking about the next tweet at dinner, and often stays up until midnight at night, losing several pounds at a time.

"I had a big fight with him at that time, and the next day I ran angrily to resign." At this point, Chen Lian suddenly smiled.

A major doesn't depend on whether you take it seriously or not. it depends more on how well you know the nature of something and what is the most important thing.

tries in the wrong direction, which makes people seem more unprofessional.

the longer you spend in the workplace, the more you will realize that professionalism is a valuable quality.

A meticulous suit, a confident and calm smile, and clear thinking and speaking are all Zheng Qiudong's magic weapons. It is precisely because of a thorough understanding of the nature of work, in hunting characters, he did not stubbornly pester, but from the life, emotions, ideas and other aspects, so that customers are willing to convince themselves.

this is also like the Honor 9 mobile phone he strongly recommended: not only good-looking, but also very high requirements for their own quality.

for example, Glory 9's new granny gray color matching, bold innovation, subversion of tradition, instantly become a mobile phone used by hipsters.

with its high popularity, sales of Glory 9 have been booming. From November 1 to 3, it not only won the champion of sales of platforms such as JD.com, but also won high praise from overseas media, and was successively selected as smartphone of the year by Tech Radar, Stuff and other media.

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A hundred love words I want to tell you.