"I took my father's cigarette." the moment when the parents stopped treating me like a child.

"I took my father's cigarette." the moment when the parents stopped treating me like a child.

Your superhero will retire, too.

although I can control my living expenses freely now, I can't help but add: "I will save money to buy it, just to let you know."

Mom said nothing, went to the room, took out a passbook and handed it to me. Piecemeal numbers, starting from seventeen years ago, each account was recorded at the beginning of spring.

it turns out that she didn't lie to me. She really saved all the lucky money she said she saved for me every year.

"anyway, the money is all yours. It's up to you. You can exchange it for a better one."

that feeling is really different, not that I can change the guitar, not that I can control my lucky money,

but that you are no longer a child, you can make your own decisions.

"I've decided on Grandpa's funeral."

@ Little plums

when I was a child, I had a strict tutor at home, so I couldn't go out with my classmates at will, and I had to report where I spent my pocket money. My parents insisted that mobile phone affected my study, and I refused to buy it for me when I was in high school.

at that time, when I was in puppy love, my boyfriend gave me his old mobile phone in order to get in touch with him.

"whose mobile phone belongs to?" "classmate's."

in my first year of high school, I was one of the first young people in school to use iPhone 4s, which was the envy of my deskmate who used Nokia 5230.

when I came home this year, I was sitting in the living room chatting with my father when he suddenly handed me a cigarette.

I was a little stunned. I remembered the scene in which my parents scolded me in the living room at one o'clock in the morning when I came home with the smell of smoke.

"take it, don't pretend." As if he saw my caution, my father smiled and added, "usually smoke less."

maybe you don't know how to say it, or you don't know what to say. In many cases, those emotional expressions are ignored in the face of our dearest and beloved people.

but if you don't tell me, the other person won't know.

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before hanging up the phone, my father always told me, "take care of yourself."

"Dad is old, so you have to take care of yourself." The emergence of the prefix

also means that it is time for me to take over some responsibilities and burdens.

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