I don't have time to like you.

I don't have time to like you.

Our relationship is fragile, everyone is.

I found it interesting and wanted to write it down, so I went through her moments of friends the next day, only to find that the moments of "about love" had all been deleted.

I am not too surprised. On the contrary, I remember that not long ago, she sent another moments: "affection is just a moment, there is no time to like it."

# because there is no time, so hurry up and take ID photos on weekends

. The photographer is her ideal type, but she is careful to stand in front of her and help her organize her clothes. She froze. There's no way to adjust your posture.

the people who commented below egged her on to ask for Wechat.

in the afternoon she wanted to see the photographer again, so she ran to the bathroom near the studio to go to the bathroom and happened to meet the photographer when she came out.

she replied with a twisted smile and said, "Yes, come back to get the picture."

she posted a second moments saying that she was really the biggest pussy in the world.

in the evening, she posted a third moments and posted her newly acquired ID photo. She easily recommended the studio, saying it was a good photo.

the next day, she complained about looking for a job in her moments.

I found out that it's not that we haven't encountered those sweet stories again, but unlike in the past, we just wait and jump up with all our strength.

# because there is no time, no one can touch me anymore

at that time she was in a hurry to review and didn't say much to me. She was accompanied by another long-distance teammate.

Lao Yang likes him.

but in less than a minute, I received another "No, I need to calm down" . She unexpectedly became so calm that after a week, I asked her, "are you together?"

I should have guessed. The expression of love in the screenshot is like a joke suddenly thrown out of a dull chat. After being happy, you are not sure whether that sentence has gone through your head or not.

I say it's a pity. I seem to have missed something.

Ranging from the sexy to the sober, our rent a wedding gown plus size are definitely fundamental. We have cuts and forms to fit any silhouette.

I stood by for a moment, and busy people always seemed so ruthless that sometimes it occurred to me:

I took an eight-hour ride to his city.

the subway there is very chaotic and crowded. I changed trains with my friends many times. I was a little worried. I asked how I was going to get back alone.

I nodded and thought it was right.

I didn't look up at him, but raised my hand and said goodbye. Then add in the Wechat dialog box: "where can I transfer?" I'll go back by myself. "

I said: " it doesn't matter. He's in the opposite direction, and he doesn't have time to send me back. "

then I suddenly felt that it was good to be in a hurry, so I didn't have time to be sad or wonder if I wasn't good enough. Otherwise, why did he even say, "can you go back by yourself?" Don't even ask me.

now not only other people do not have time to control me, but also do not have time to manage their own emotions.

it suddenly occurred to me that there was no time for those who were dying to say something. Now some people use "no time" to decorate like this thing, probably because for them, like this emotion, but also to the dying stage.

so falling in love becomes more and more difficult--

good night.