Hunting ground: first love is a disease.

Hunting ground: first love is a disease.

It can only heal itself.

there are no more than two factions, either "Little Beauty" or "hunting ground".

for a time, I firmly believed that I was only chasing the "hunting ground" because of Hu GE's face.

"not to mention the first love in the workplace drama, I'm afraid you can't even count how many girlfriends you've talked about."

but I don't think so.

the emotional thread in the "hunting ground" is like an orange, bringing the sour and sweet of "first love past tense".

in a relationship, there is always only one first love.

"first love is always the deepest memory."

every time the two of them are in the same frame, one second they are talking about business seriously, and the next moment they will unwittingly talk about the past.

the Roy people were stupefied for a moment, and then they responded: "because I ordered a little spicy, we used to order a very spicy one."

if you want to ask me when it is most likely to think of my first love, it is not the dead of night or the time of loneliness and helplessness.

is accidentally turned to a book, remember that he once said, you are very much like the heroine.

every detail is so deeply rooted in my memory that I can't pull it out.

just like Zheng Qiudong and Luo Yi went to the cold drink shop when they were in love many years later, he remembered that she was eating vanilla and chocolate ice cream, and she remembered that he drank the Arctic Ocean from a glass bottle.

No one wants to remember on purpose.

at first, the Roy people did not understand why Zheng Qiudong told her such a dead point.

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not long after the beginning of the show, Zheng Qiudong faces arrest on suspicion of pyramid selling. No matter how urgent the situation is, he will try his best to contact the Roy people.

when I think of being with my first love, I often turn around and lie on his desk and say mysteriously, "Let me tell you a secret."

from deceiving the teacher into doing his homework but not bringing it with him, to my parents' promise to change my mobile phone in the top ten.

later, as I grew older, I realized that this kind of 100% trust is actually a kind of consumable.

the more you experience, the more you learn to protect yourself.

and then fall in love on and off, even if the other person is kind to him, but he can no longer trust him without reservation.

100% trust, it's hard to have it again after your first love.

"first love is a disease of the heart."

many people stand on the CP of Zheng Qiudong and Xiong Qingqing.

even after witnessing the Roy people, who were under investigation for suspected corruption, hugged Zheng Qiudong downstairs, they still remained magnanimous. Instead, they comforted Zheng Qiudong: "I especially understand that she needs your comfort most at this time. I would like to give you both a half-day holiday."

this is probably the girlfriend that boys dream of having.

but when Zheng Qiudong mentioned the bear's youth to the Roy people, he described it like this: "you are a goddess, she is mortal, living like that."

I suddenly remembered that Rosie said something like this at the wedding in the ex-strategy:

someone said that the person you married must not be your favorite. I don't believe it. I didn't believe it for more than ten years, but I lost. Zhao Ming, thank you for your kindness to me. I would like to marry you, but the person I love most is not you.

I will meet many different people in my long life, but I can only see the moonlight of my first love once in my life.


as we all know, he is a photography fan. Since junior high school, he has signed up for a photography interest class with his family's old SLR. He has not given up this hobby ever since.

in the past, film was expensive, and it hurt to shoot too much. sometimes when it was used up, he took a camera without film and pretended to take pictures, secretly observing the girl's smile from the lens.

and the silly boy who pretended to take pictures of his first love with a camera without film has become the spokesman of the glory mobile phone in the twinkling of an eye.

Let the previous regrets become less. It also makes you beautiful under the camera.

in the ending in the hunting ground, Zheng Qiudong and the Roy people are back together again, the perfect happy ending.

not to mention getting back together with your first love, there are very few people who can keep in touch.

some people and things are destined to stay in memories.

if it is an illness, keep a ward in your heart and put it carefully.

this is the best respect for everyone.

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life