How to avoid becoming a greasy brother and sister

How to avoid becoming a greasy brother and sister

You can use today's article as soap.

therefore, the purpose of this article is to tell myself that I will write ten "Don't want":

second, don't eat takeout in the dormitory for three meals a day. It must be made clear that these three meals are lunch, dinner and midnight snacks. Just entering the university, it is inevitable to have all kinds of dinners out, the richer departments go to the off-campus restaurants, and the poorer ones go to the self-run restaurants in the canteen. Although the wallet will lose its vitality, it can at least make new friends and talk about new topics. But in the third and fourth year, after all the people who should know each other, we will begin to narrow the scope of life to the dormitory and give all the appetite to the takeout software. This is not only diametrically opposed to the fantasy of college life before enrollment, but also becomes more and more depressing. Because the three meals are the rules that the body prepares to "stop", so when it comes to dinnertime, you should put down all games and TV dramas and have a good meal with others.

fourth, don't post advertisements for real estate (insurance, finance) in groups. I know everyone is making a living, and it's not easy for everyone. But I also want to be across the river from the Pearl River New City, and I don't want to put 100,000 yuan in the bank and be abandoned by inflation, but the problem is that most college students have no money like me. Don't say one hundred thousand, if you ask them to borrow five hundred thousand, you probably have to think of sleeping on the subway for half an hour before you can make a decision. It's not easy to mix, but you can't ignore other people's reading experience just because you have to make ends meet. Life is so long that it's not easy to be Wechat friends, care more about other people's feelings, and maybe there will be more opportunities for cooperation in the future.

sixth, not the younger brothers and sisters who have just enrolled in judge. Some time ago, an article called "I am also your brother and sister for the first time" is not very popular. In the article, the author lists three major crimes of freshmen: they do not work seriously, do not say thank you, receive no reply, and then portray the brothers and sisters as unrequited and hard-working guides through several stories, which resonates with a lot of brothers and sisters. But in fact, how many people can just enter school like a person? That makes sense, so teach it slowly, and don't always act like you hate iron into steel. Don't forget, you used to hate elders who said you couldn't be a man.

eighth, don't lose your imagination. We had dinner with roommates last week, some went to the bank, some became factory business, and we talked all night, but we didn't mention anything about the future recently. Because recently, it's all about monthly salary and overtime; when it comes to the future, it's full of "fucking house" and "no money to fall in love". Although everyone's complaints are all true, if we hook every breath and breath with money, we have nowhere to run. I remember the teacher said that people with liberal arts background should not lose their literary ideals, and they are the only way for us to keep a certain distance from the "ordinary".

originally written here, there should be "tenth", but somehow, the original inspiration of the head has become a rotten and rusty faucet, no matter how hard it is, it no longer gives any thought as if it were determined.

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so don't push me. I won't say any more. I'm not a greasy brother who gets fat as soon as I graduate and loses his hair as soon as he starts work.

(the day I got stronger, I went bald)

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