How much I want to be your deer.

How much I want to be your deer.

Good night.

-I want to be your deer.

-I want to be your deer (dear).

-I'm in trouble.

her self-introduction is the sentence "I'm in trouble".

after sharing the song with her, I said, "in the middle of writing, I suddenly miss you very much. I continue to write."

then I cut back to the codeword page and paused, remembering that I had cut off all contact with the outside world when I was writing, and tonight was the first time I suddenly thought of someone.

my friends asked me for dinner in the evening and asked me if I was in love, saying that my chatting posture had changed. I can't help asking how I used to talk.

I asked, "what about now?"

there are many readers in the message area who say that I have recently changed and stopped writing bitter articles. Not long after tonight's tweet was posted, the most common comment was "good Girl's Heart".

so as more and more friends say that my recent writing has changed, I gradually realize that my own life has really changed.

now, the love of young people is really wringing.

they do a lot of twisting things, such as deleting the Wechat of the person they like, withdrawing what they want to say for the second time, and covering up their favorite emotions with flirting. "

when I wrote this paragraph, I was teasing myself. I really felt from the bottom of my heart that I was wringing at that time.

because what you want is often not available, there is a state of twisting.

I really don't know how to smooth it out.

I don't know what she likes about me.

A friend said, "she seems to be all right."

she rolled her eyes and said, "do you really like it that much?"

the song chosen in yesterday's tweet is Mr. In the Little Legend, someone praised me for my good taste, and then I was very happy, because she liked the song first, and then I fell in love with it.

this gives me a lot of different ideas.

this plot reminds me that I made her angry and we didn't say anything but good night for days. At that moment I thought, I don't want to do this again.

there is a sentence I particularly like in this song--

May I raise your hand and dance softly "

and when I meet her, it's all over my head.

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this is a disorganized "song shortage column".

I set up a music account to write music

Wang Zepeng:)

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