How I was lovelorn.

How I was lovelorn.

Love seems to be seasonal.

recently, it probably belongs to the high frequency period of lovelorn.

around one o'clock in the morning, she was careful: "I seem to be lovelorn."

in the middle of the game, I suddenly choked up and couldn't sleep over and over in bed at night. I was so cool in the first half of a second that I opened my mouth and kept my mouth shut. I went on in the second half and said I didn't know how that guy was doing.

more people feel uncomfortable and painful in the process of being lovelorn. The reason why people feel painful is often because they do not know what can be done to change the status quo.

I try to record the process of being lovelorn rationally in this article, hoping to help those who are still struggling.

remember clearly that it was Christmas.

I stared at the screen on the other end of my phone for about a dozen seconds, and then sent it: "Oh, congratulations." Then after a while, click into her avatar, menu, delete.

then leave your phone on the table, change your clothes, and go out.

on the 14th day

1, wait for her to add me back; 2. Be in a daze at a place on the friends list.

it has become a conditioned reflex when I pick up my phone.

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then start to be in a daze without control.

it's funny that someone should take the day of loss as an anniversary and count it. This is the day they decide to give up.

I realized that this would not work, but I was reluctant to quit the group chat.

when I think of this, I can't help laughing at myself.

before going to bed, I initiated a friend application to her.

she: "what do you want?" Delete it and add it back. "

during those 70 days, I found that my mood did not improve at all. I thought that avoiding and not facing up to the sadness would make me better.

I realized that if I want to get better, the first thing I should do is to face the last thing I want to face.

around the 110th day

but fortunately, I read less and less moments.

being busy seems to make me feel a lot better.

at that time, if she didn't have a good life, I would still be sad.

I brought her a few bottles of incomparable drops from Hong Kong. She recruited mosquitoes.

I was nervous before the meeting, but I was relieved when I left.

I couldn't tell whether it was because I found that she was doing well, or because we finally met and I finally gave myself a less ceremonial goodbye.

A lot of separation is uncomfortable because it happens all of a sudden. He was not psychologically prepared, so he was unavoidably hasty and misbehaved.

although I didn't say a word, I think that's what I told myself.

the 200th day

I gradually became able to avoid that name without making excuses, and then eavesdrop on it. Although, my friend was still a little cautious when he mentioned her in front of me.

Writing makes me much happier. I like to spread my emotions in words and sentences.

and I use these more than 200 days to prove one thing, out of lovelorn in addition to time, in addition to new love, can be through a new way of life.

the only thing I know for sure is that everything I've done since separation has helped me think a little bit, though only a little bit, although I still feel sad from time to time.

now (two years later)

but lovelorn can never be easily crossed just because you have experienced more. You use force every time, so you need to use more force each time to mend what you put in at that time.

because if there were such an answer, there wouldn't be so many people unhappy.

still with that love, continue to live your life and make yourself better slowly, until one day you don't like it, or one day you get together again.

because it is getting better all the time, it will not drag the other party down.

when I look back on those unhappy days, I will be glad that I have at least done something, at least a little bit better.

but I won't allow you to forget where you wanted to go in the first place.

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regardless of right and wrong