He became what he wanted to be.

He became what he wanted to be.

If a man is good in nature, even if he returns from prison, his pure heart can live forever.


many people say that Xiao Tingsheng's life was really miserable: he lost his father, his mother in childhood, his wife in middle age, and his son in his old age, but he did not end well in his military life.

even he himself lamented that he was born in a secluded court, was demoted as a slave when he was young, had eaten bitterness that ordinary people had never experienced, and had seen the coldest face in the world.

but he also said that there are three lucky things in this life: first, he had to meet the guidance of a former teacher to get rid of the grievances in his heart; second, he was raised by the grace of the former emperor, who lived through two generations of Ming monarchs, and was never suspected; third, there was peace in the family, and there were good children like Ping Zhang and Heping Yi.

No matter it is Pingzhang or Pingzhang, you can see the shadow of Lao Wang Ye Xiao Tingsheng in them.

the eldest son, Xiao Pingzhang, has been with Xiao Tingsheng since childhood. Under the imperceptible influence of his father, Pingzhang is also considerate and calm. During the war in Ganzhou, he was faced with the plight of running out of food, and he did not lose his footing. He was seriously injured and still fought to the end with the passion that "the man of Changlin will not return to the death." Later, he sacrificed his life for righteousness to save his father and brother and Liang, and died battlefield.

and the second son, Xiao Pingyi, has a free and easy disposition, which at first glance is very different from his father's character. However, when his prediction of Zhang Fuyin's partner's desire to kill him coincided with Xiao Tingsheng, one could not help but sigh that these two sons had inherited their father's intelligence.

Xiao Tingsheng and Emperor Liang, who frolicked together at the end of the first part of Nirvana in Fire, were already Huafa in the second part. The two men supported and trusted each other all their lives, and the two "brothers" of Emperor Liang on his deathbed were even more touching.

for them, first brothers, then princes.

Hsiao Ting-sheng, who is seriously ill, accompanied Pingyi who sent troops to the palace to stand trial. Xun Bai-shui angrily denounced Pingyi's disobedience: "if your Majesty's will is not to your will, do you still want to depose your Majesty?"

on the other hand, Xiao Tingsheng said, "it is not impossible" that caused a public outcry.

although later Xiao Tingsheng's confidence made it clear to everyone that he wanted to teach the late emperor Tuogu in the Yuan Dynasty, many people complained that Xiao Tingsheng was too straightforward:

"Lao Wang Ye defended his country all his life, but unfortunately he could not be a man, and his control of the pattern and power in the DPRK was not as good as Pingzhang."

but is Wang Xiao Tingsheng of Changlin really so ignorant of political affairs?

when Linxi asked Lin Chen, the old cabinet master of Langya Pavilion, to save Pingyi, the wise old cabinet master said:

"if you don't want to be here, you can't."

so when Xun Feizhan told Empress Dowager Xiao Tingsheng that he was going to take action against Changlin House, Xiao Tingsheng refused: "when Master Wu Jingye was alive, what he hated most was party struggle." I don't have many days to go to see my ancestors and my father Emperor. before I die, do I still have a long forest party because of my own son? "

Xiao Tingsheng has been sticking to the former Qingming Dynasty, although he has become powerless as he gets older, and he has never forgotten his original heart:

" I, Changlin Wangfu, have no one to love the stack position. "

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it is a pity that Xun Baishui could not see through Xiao Tingsheng's loyalty and tried to frame Changlin Wangfu everywhere.

Ping Huan defeated Da Yu, but instead of killing Qin Lingshuo, he left him to check and balance the Dayu Dynasty, Xiao Yuanqi sneered: "Infighting, checks and balances, it's not that you don't understand this."

Yes, like Xiao Tingsheng, it's not that he doesn't understand, but he disdains to play tricks on the machine.

in this world, not many people can be free from distractions and never go with the flow.


before the second film was broadcast, people predicted the plot, and many people thought that Xiao Tingsheng would premeditate rebellion when he knew his story.

as the plot progresses, the answer becomes clear: whether Xiao Tingsheng knows his identity or not, he will always stick to his pure heart.

Xiao Tingsheng, the soul character who strung together the spiritual feelings of two books Nirvana in Fire, inherited the blood of King Qi, and was inculcated by Mei Changsu and nurtured by Jingxing. He must be a collection of the spirit of the three.

he really did not disappoint the audience. He was loyal and upright, loving and kind to his father, and he was open-minded and transparent. The inheritance and continuation of Changlin's character is not only in the blood, he has not failed his ancestors, nor has he failed himself.

when you think about it carefully, Mei Changsu, Xiao Jingyi, Xiao Tingsheng, and Pingzhang and Pingyi, as inheritors of the Changlin spirit, all of them have kept their original hearts and have never doubted or wavered.

as Xiao Yuanqi said when he sent a letter to Xiao Pingyi in Changlin House:

"if you feel that the world is cold, it is because you have not experienced the real hell. If a person's nature is good, even if he is returned from prison, his innocent heart can live forever."

Xiao Tingsheng has gone home.

just because I'm afraid to close my eyes.