Find someone who is willing to eat McDonald's with you.

Find someone who is willing to eat McDonald's with you.

We're stupid. No, we're stupid.

I wrote a story with Vivi before. I remember a comment chosen the next day was rigidly topped:

"Please continue to show your love in the future."

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but in fact, as a writer, the most important principle is to "make up and hide the real feelings in the fictional plot". Because once you find that your life is better than the story you write, it shows that you are still an unqualified "creator".

so some things can not be forced, life will always move forward, we can not look back on the past again and again. since you have gained strength from my story, don't waste it, try your best to find it, or try to run in, until you find your own Lin Zhenxin or Xu Taiyu.

or find someone who is willing to eat McDonald's with you.

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after listening, the boy said nothing and went into silence.

but in vain, the girl finally sent a message: "forget it."

the boy put down his books and went back to the day when he was still playing with his cell phone at two o'clock in the morning.

I can understand her worry, so I can also understand her decisiveness.

No matter how many times I hear this kind of story, I still feel a little sorry.

the above two stories were actually written by me in 16 years.

the boys in college are so pathetic. No one has ever taught us girls to please with "the future". All we know is to invite us to dinner, go shopping and talk on the phone late at night.

We are stupid, no, we are stupid . I didn't see clearly how many skills I lacked and how much real project experience I lacked until near graduation. And those sweet experiences with girlfriends can not fill those gaps at all.

when they decided to stay with us, they just wanted to go with us to find the express delivery that didn't know when it would be delivered. It's just that we think that the present companionship and thoughtfulness are the most effective means, so we forget the express order to some unknown corner.

good night.


there are a lot of young people who are not willing to cater to.