Dou Wei is not a fairy.

Dou Wei is not a fairy.

He can't talk, and he's not doing badly.

Gai said in an interview with "have a throat": "Dou Wei is one death away from his fame."

the reason why Gai said this is not how much Dou Wei died, but because, in Gai's eyes, the pinnacle of Chinese music is Dou Wei.

Panther album cover

in the era when listening to Teresa Teng was a "raging voice", the performance of the Wimeng band made the air boil, and people were exposed to such a complex performance with strong audio-visual impact for the first time.

this fire has burned into the hearts of a small number of young people.

when she was on the job, Dou Wei learned a little guitar. Because of her strong sense of rhythm, Dou Wei learned the drum by herself.

two years later, Dou Wei was admitted to the Beijing Youth Light Orchestra by self-study and began to "walk around", similar to what we now call a part-time job.

anyone who knows Dou Wei thinks he is a genius and that he is too successful.

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growing up, Dou Wei always felt frightened and felt that something was going to happen.

when commenting on Dou Wei's singing skills, Deng Ke, a well-known music critic, said: at that time, works such as "self-tolerance" and "Heart" in the Black Panther were insurmountable in singing, and they did not lose guns and scorpions.

albums are popular all over the country, but Dou Wei chose to quit Panther at this time.

in fact, Guo Si knows the reason for Dou Wei's withdrawal, so he does not persuade Dou Wei to stay.

first, don't sing the song of 'Panther'.

Dou Wei agreed.

left third Faye Wong and left fourth Dou Wei

"can you stop calling me Xiao Wang?"

Dou Wei said: "I know you all love me, and I love you. I forced myself to make a choice, but it upset my conscience. I know how to choose is wrong."

Dou Wei chose Wang Fei.

Faye Wong's 1996 album impetuous was completed by Dou Wei herself.

although the album does not sell well, Faye Wong admits that it is her most self-and favorite album.

in August 1999, Wang Fei and Dou Wei officially divorced.

people whose backs are real are not persistent.

after divorce from Faye Wong, Dou Wei sat in a bar in Houhai for three years.

"I think (my divorce) is a conspiracy."

the designer is not Wang Fei. Dou Wei feels that it is the pressure of the outside world, including the media.

on May 10, 2006, singer Dou Wei rushed into the Beijing News newspaper and accused the newspaper's reporter (the legendary number one paparazzi Zhuo Wei) that Zhuo Wei had written negative reports about Dou Wei's economic situation without an interview.

for Dou Wei, what he is most secretive about is the media coverage of his private life.

later, a reporter interviewed Jiang Xin because of this incident. She said, "people get out of control sometimes." she also said, "strong> he is a talented man. I hope he can come out early, turn his attention to music early, and bring more and better things to everyone. He has this ability ."

after sitting in Houhai for three years, he became more and more silent.

Dou Wei replied: "if you say too much, you will lose."

Dou Wei arrived first, and then people came one after another.

Guo Si asked, "what are you doing?"

Dou Wei accepted an interview when the reporter said, "as a media, as an artist, can you do anything you can?"

not only social, Dou Wei's music has also changed.

these music works are no longer based on whether they are popular or not, and even say that the meaning of these songs is only to create the music they want to create.

in this reply of more than 100 words, Dou Wei made it very clear:

this reminds me of Dou Wei's previous news, which is generally related to poverty and poverty.

Dou Wei actually responded to that subway photo.

to put it simply, you don't have to say too much. You know it in your heart, and you know it in your heart.

although Dou Wei is clumsy in words, he has found his own way of expression, which is in his high-yield music creation.

is there much?

what do you say?

but then I thought about it carefully. Is the output worth showing off for Dou Wei? I don't think so.

she said: "forgive, you have to learn to forgive, don't worry about it." This is a very high wisdom in life. "

so, in my opinion, all Dou Wei is doing now is because he has finally forgiven the world.

because of forgiveness, he no longer rejects the label that others put on him, and at the same time he no longer cares.

in the early years, Dou Wei, who cared about the world, was angry, but later, he no longer seemed to care about the mockery the world gave him, so people gave him the name "Dou Xian".

the life we aspire to is not spoiled by the world.

but even if hated by the world, you can still forgive it.

after all, we can feel better if we don't care.

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