"do you have time to take off your order?" "No."

"do you have time to take off your order?" "No."

Busy making money.

I twitched my right cheek with a fake smile, and before I could speak, they spontaneously added countless plots to my brain, saying painstakingly: "Don't ask too much, you young people are like this blabla ."

to tell you the truth, those passers-by who make a fuss about being single have a lot of drama.

people who don't know if they are single look too good.

nod cleverly, then glance through their mate selection requirements in fear. After thinking about it for a long time, I suddenly find that I don't have any demands at all.

2, "aren't there a lot of people chasing you? why are you still single?"

every time they say this, I can't find a way to answer it. The only thing that comes to mind is: "blame me."

3. "you're not gay, are you?" "No."

people whose mothers and fetuses have been single have a 98% chance of hearing this.

how much do people disagree with "single" and "gay" groups?

if I heard this sentence from my three aunts and eight aunts, maybe I could barely understand it. But a 20-year-old young man really doesn't need to take on the responsibility of a matchmaker.

obviously some of them are single, but they try to take on other people's love life on their own initiative.


I always suspect that man is an animal that lives by imagination.

really, no.

as soon as they get a little closer to the opposite sex, passers-by suddenly glow, trying to dig up conclusive evidence from various clues.

keep your distance from the opposite sex when you are in love, even when you are single.

if other people are just curious about your state,

they say that people are social animals, they say that two people are better than one, and they say you will regret it later.

and after asking so many people, I find the most offensive thing is, "No wonder you don't have a date."

I don't like this sentence either. It has three meanings:

two, mistakes make you single;

this is a somewhat absurd attitude.

but no one said to me, "small things, there are still half of the people alone."

but few people ask, "Why are you in love?"

when it comes to feelings, public opinion is always biased towards those who fall in love.

ask me: "so why on earth are you single?"

"I'm busy making money."

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what's all the fuss about being single

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