Do you always love the one you remember?

Do you always love the one you remember?

Good night.

-- I'm going to paint what I saw you for the first time, Griet, just you.

the conversation here is always hard for me to forget. The man she feared and loved wore pearl earrings stolen from his wife on her earlobe. He painted carefully and his eyes were calm, and they looked at each other without saying a word.

they were cut off by the world. As a maid, she fell in love with the man who already had a wife, but their love was preserved in an everlasting famous painting, in the luster of a pearl earring.

in fact, the stories behind famous paintings are not necessarily sad. From another point of view, some love is not together, but may be a pardon. Shake out the boredom and sadness, and they can play happily.

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