Aren't people who stay up late afraid of death?

Aren't people who stay up late afraid of death?

Other people's harm to our bodies is called abuse, but we seem to regard what we do as the aesthetics of violence.

I seldom comment, but I type the word "and" without hesitation, even though I don't know him at all.

at the same time, it is also very difficult to find companionship at night. Everyone has classes and exams the next day, and most of them are asleep by this time. But staying up late alone is like doing a bad thing with no one together, which is a very frightening thing.

most of us have experienced this before, and we can feel nervous twitches even when our brains are most active. But at that moment, we were actually afraid of death.

so I want to tell him that there are others who endanger his health and wantonly snatch more time from fate to entertain and spend it on meaningless things, so that he can feel less guilty and less lonely.

I began to think about what this endless late night is for, because we finally survived the defiant three-year college entrance examination, which is why we are so irritable in the college dormitory near the age of 20.

get up at three o'clock and get up at seven o'clock, and then boil after skin care, and the power outage can't limit our imagination. Tonight's Singles Day, we stay up; tomorrow's high math exam, we stay up; there is a ball game late at night, we stay up; people we like no longer reply, we endure; people we like reply to others, we also stay up.

but it wasn't until I got a nervous breakdown last year that I became unable to socialize, sit still, think or complain.

I wasn't the only one who was sick.

but I found that after her illness, she still ate spicy food and stayed up late to drink, and she did what she had to do.

she answered me disapprovingly, "it doesn't hurt now anyway."

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Contemporary young people often do things that are duplicitous. In fact, talking about keeping in good health is only a short-term sequela after the illness. Once I tried for a while and found that it had little effect, I quit. Or after sticking to it for a long time, suddenly one day you break the precepts and you can never get them back.

recently, I have been thinking about a question: how serious does it take for us to change our ways?

I know that now I am sick, or seriously ill. For us young people who are not energetic but full of anger, it can still be called a small-frequency event, but soon, as we keep taking out the green ball from the bag and throwing it into the red ball, eventually we will get all the red balls out.

our profligacy on health is essentially a waste of the rest of our opponents' time. We are not afraid, because we think that we can make up for it after a few years of impudence, and now the carnival is to leave no regrets. But the scary thing is, you don't know which side of the road time will stop, will it be the finish line? If our car keeps leaking oil, where else can we drive? Are you really not afraid of the sudden brakes of life?

"I'm afraid, but I'm not afraid."

(come on, hurt each other)

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